Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to Wear Wednesdays Celebrates...

Hi Readers, Laura Here!

I have the pleasure to share a few milestones with you today and to share a story!

First of all today's "What to Wear Wednesday" post is the 301st post of  Because of your support Shari has been blogging for just over 5 years!  Isn't that awesome?  Yea!!

Secondly I chatted with Shari on my drive home and she wanted to know how the readers responded to the newsletter questions I sent out.  I told her that I had over 50 responses (I still want to hear from you!

We continued our conversation and at one point Shari got a little timid.  She mentioned that she was invited to a Fall Fashion Trend "reveal".  I could hear her get a little uncomfortable, as if she was shifting in her seat.  She kept telling me that there were fashion writers, fashion consultants, and more or less "Fashion people more important than little 'ole me".  I started to smile a little.

Shari continued to tell me that she didn't really know what to wear and that when she arrived that she was put together.  She shared a few of the "real" fashion writer outfits and from the sounds of it these ladies of fashion chose poorly.  They were wearing trendy colors or styles instead of looking for a head to toe look that would make them look as beautiful as they truly are, they all sounded really young too.  

Shari exclaimed about the Fall Trends and how excited she is to share (hmmm... she didn't tell me even one of them... *jotting down a note to ask her*).  She can't wait to share them with you and have me help put the detail behind them to best help you make them work for yourself.

Anyways, she said that at one point the trend expert pointed out a few trends from the crowd and it just so happened that Shari wore 2 pieces that are the trend for Fall this season.  Yep!  Our Shari was chosen from a crowd twice! and I will tell you why it's so great in just a minute.

While talking to Shari I stopped her and said that many of her readers wanted to know how to approach uncomfortable fashion situations like she had experienced getting ready for her event. Then I asked her which trends did she wear that were chosen out of the crowd.  She said a white button down shirt and nude shoes.  I started grinning from ear to ear then!  

Ladies, I heard from all age groups this past week.  And while talking to Shari I realized that each one of you is looking for the same thing no matter your age.  You want to know how to dress in a classy way that has a little bit of fun.  Classy in the sense that you are put together and confident.  I think it starts by knowing your basics.   Now don't get me wrong I'm sure that Shari added glam to her look since she is the Rock Star Style Fashionista!  However, the true trend is a women who looks put together wearing the basics.  I love that Shari can show proof that basics are fabulous enough to be picked out of a crowd!

I want to thank Shari as a true believer of her work.  I believe that Shari has been successful because she has spoken to each one of us in a language we understand.  Shari's has been able to translate fashion into guidelines that help us be a little better every day.

Let's get some Faith going today!  

Let's pray over Shari "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to work with Shari over these 5 years.  Her ability to show women they are beautiful creations of Your hand has transformed lives.  Thank you for bringing us all together to share, support and encourage one another in topics that are not always the friendliest topics in our church communities. Bless Shari and please continue to work through her and bless her in the years to come.  In Your Son's name, Amen!"

Here is my comment challenge to you  - one Question and one request

Question:  Would you like to hear about the Fall Fashion Trends (just the list) or would you like to hear what other readers said in the "Age Appropriate Survey"?  We will post your choice on Friday

Request:  How has Shari helped you?  How has she made your life better?  Please leave a comment or send us a note.  

Thank you for your notes and comments!  Hearing that Fashion truly meets Faith is something that drives us to give you our best.

God Bless!



Anonymous said...

Shari and Laura,

First, I want to thank you for continuing the weekly blog. I have so enjoyed reading the blog, your book, and hearing your expert opinion on how God's girls should dress and accessorize. I am not on Facebook and was worried that the blog would be discontinued.

I have learned so much through you ladies and the work you do and appreciate it very much. My daughter is 12 and has already read your book and we have used your examples as good discussion points.

I'm still waiting to hear the announcement that you will be bringing the Beauty Boot Camp to East Texas :)

I would like to hear about the Fall Fashion Trends.

Thank you again. You are both a great blessing to your readers.

Cindy H.

Kathy H said...

I would be interested to hear what the other women in the survey said (since I'm a pure natural knowing the trends doesn't really register in my brain! haha).

I think the biggest takeaway I have received from Shari's book and this blog has been the identification of our best colors (I have incorporated that almost instantly into my wardrobe and can tell a difference!). The other thing that I'm starting to realize is that my style is indeed a legit style! Previously I always felt bad or on the outskirts of fashion because I do not care for the latest styles or trends and don't spend much time thinking about my clothes. But when Shari says that's ok and that you can still look good with with a basic foundational knowledge while staying true to your own style - that was liberating.

Megan C said...

Looking forward to all fall trends! I always enjoy when fashion mags do "a look for less" (Ex. Armani blazer $$$, h&m blazer $). That could be helpful.

Laura Gutknecht said...

Hi Ladies! Great responses! These are great topics! We are adding them to our list!

For those of you who are not on Shari's newsletter you can sign up here...

If you missed last week's then send me an email and I will figure out how to get it over to you!

P.S. My guilty pleasure is wanting to be AS COMFORTABLE as possible and not hot either. I have been wearing cotton knee length skirts. I had a friend tell me yesterday that "skirts are the new grunge look where you feel comfy but actually look cute"...skirts and grunge... who knew?! Love it!

I just need to find myself some time to go looking for some Big Girl Flip Flops and I should have a much more put together look!


~Brenda said...

Shari, congrats on posting #301 and being in the ‘blog world’ for 5years! To be chosen out of a crowd twice for what you were wearing is fantastic, you go girlfriend! Here is how you have helped me become better dressed: I absolutely love your book, I refer to it often; in fact, just this morning. I look forward to your blog post to find out what’s going on in fashion and apply it to myself. I really appreciate how you talk about God and tell us He is enthralled with our beauty. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and see a 50+ woman with the wrinkles and some gray beginning to show and then I remember to look at myself as God sees me; I have to smile! You came into my life at the very time I needed to perk myself up with clothing and colors; isn’t that just like God to send someone when I had a need. My life is better for having met you even though it has been online thus far. I feel so much more confident and am spending money wisely when shopping for clothes. Shari, you’ve the best, thank you from the bottom of my ♥

Laura, I think it’s great you added this prayer for Shari in today’s post. I would like to read about the age appropriate survey, which sounds interesting.

Bonnie said...

I am curious about the age appropriate survey AND the fall fashion trends! :)

The things I learned from Shari: my best colors - that has been fun. But the biggest difference I see is in my accessories - having at least 14 points on has made the difference in my outfits, taking them from boring to fabulous! :) I'm going to hear Shari later this month and cannot wait - she makes being fashionable accessible for those of us with small budgets and modest tastes. THANK YOU, SHARI!

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear survey results with fall trends following soon thereafter. Ladies, you are both encouraging and shining Christ's light. Shari helped me understand my body type was a body type - not just a "doesn't measure up to the the norm" body. Which leads me to a comment. So many teen girls don't know this message yet. Please post a body type article to help the young ladies be able to understand and accept their bodies. Thank you - enjoying your cooperative/team format!

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies!
I'm interested in hearing about fall fashion.
I have to say, I'm new to this blog and just "discovered" Shari's book a few weeks ago. I love the book and refer to it often. I ordered my color swatches and Shari was so kind and helpful with making sure I had the right colors. Shari, you are a blessing from God helping me to feel beautiful (even though for most of my life I have not felt I lived up to the beautiful image that the world has). Your kind words and generous help via e-mail with suggestions for my look touched me deeply. Even though we've never met in person - I consider you a true friend in Christ! Thank you for your ministry! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear about fall trends first and then the Age Appropriate Survey. Fall is fast approaching and I'd like to be ready to add a fun, classy, piece or two to my wardrobe. Shari has helped me put myself together in a way that is more flattering and well thought out. I always have 'my colors' with me and have a better idea of what looks best when I shop, thanks to reading the book. Thanks Shari and Laura!

Karen said...

I would like to hear about the ''Age Appropriate Survey'' and also the Fall Fashion Trends (in whichever order works best for your blog).

Thank you Shari for helping me to dress more confidently. I have followed your blog since the beginning, and have read your book and also the e-book. All of these have encouraged me to ''reveal my inner beauty on the outside''.
I appreciate your warmth and openness. You are like a friend to all of us. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I have benefited by really looking at the colors in my closet. After figuring out my DCC and getting my swatches, I realized why some clothes sit in my closet. I am now constructing a wardrobe that will coordinate together. Which is quite beneficial right now as we prepare for a 3-week trip to Europe with only 1 carry-on suitcase. I have also learned that I cannot be fabulous without accessories, especially for my body type. That has helped me a great deal. And my dd is enjoying going shopping with me for accessories. And I am listening to when people say I look good in a color - they have been the colors from my DCC.
Plus, I have been more confident of my style - Classic Modern.

As a 50+ woman, I would like to hear about age appropriate options.

Blessings to you both!

Kopps in Dakar said...

I'm so thankful for these blogs. I've gotten a little behind as we've just moved, but... I wanted to share how Shari (& Laura) have helped me. While I still feel like I need some help to know how to dress for my body shape, I feel like in observing people these last two weeks, I am getting a better idea of things that don't work and things that do work on others. So, that's a step in the right direction. I have also identified column dressing and realize that my mother has been doing that for years. And she's a beautiful lady!