Saturday, September 22, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 1

I'm excited to bring you 15 Days of Fall!
WELCOME to Day 1!
Back in the Spring, I did a 30 Day Challenge to take you from Frumpy to Fabulous and hundreds of you took on this task with me. I got a ton of requests to bring it back for Fall so we're gonna do it but with a little twist. We're going to be focusing on your closet and wardrobe in time periods of 20 minutes or less per day. Keeping it simple and clean, and getting right to the point. Laura will be helping us out as we go along but I'll be here to keep you on task, and give out challenges and answer questions, too.
If you're a member of our Fashion Meets Faith Facebook Page, you'll find the challenges there as well. 
 The goal of 15 Days of Fall is to get your closet in a working, organized manner so you know what you have so you know WHAT to Wear!
Look at your closet. Does it make you smile or want to cry? Don't worry, by the end of our 15 days you'll be smiling big so wipe those tears!
Day 1 Challenge:
In the first 10 minutes, scan your closet and take out your summery-summer clothes that you know for a fact you won't be wearing for fall and winter. That would be things like anything that's white linen, summer maxi or mini dresses, sleeveless blouses, bathing suit coverups, summer-only capris, shorts, etc.
 Do this quickly and swiftly. Go with your first instinct. Don't think too hard about each item....probably if you pick it up and consider it, it's time to pack it away.
Last 10 minutes: Find a box to store these in or hang in another closet. It's time to put them away. Do it now.
That was easy, right? See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi, what are summer-only capris? Are capri's and shorts ok for fall and winter? My first day of fall is mid 80's weather ! Thanks for doing this challenge. :)

~Brenda said...

I decided to take everything out of my closet; dust the walls and vacuum the carpet before putting my clothes back in. Fall/winter in the front; spring/summer in the back. It’s a beautiful first day of autumn, sunny and 69 degrees; I’m headed outside!

Laura Gutknecht said...

Anonymous: In many areas of the country women would nearly freeze in capri's and shorts in the fall. If you do not fall in that category then feel free to wear your capri's and shorts! Just take a peek to see if there is anything in your closet that could be stored right now.

Brenda: Great idea! Here is my issue... I have great intentions of doing things like you suggest. If I kept it to clear out the closet, wipe down, vacuum, and put it all back I would be great! I seem to get distracted by trying to "fix" something in the process and clothes end up everywhere for way too long. I might recommend this tomorrow with the cautionary note that distraction-prone beauties need to keep on task. Thanks for the note!

Our first day started with rain and then we woke up to sunshine... a day to sleep in and we were actually enjoying the cloudy weather. We stopped at the pet store, farmers market, downtown bakery and now we are home to paint the bathroom.

~Brenda said...

Thanks, Laura! :)

Daisha said...

Ok, even though I am a couple of days late on this challenge, I am slightly on track. I cleared out my closet a couple of weeks ago in preparation for Fall. (Even though it's still 90+ degrees in my area). I put my sleeveless and really lightweight clothes into my dresser instead of the closet. I have my sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and pants in the closet. I also completed a major purge! If I didn't absolutely love it or it reflected my evolving style, it was donated to our local charity.