Sunday, September 23, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 2

On the second day of Fall I'd like to offer a prayer for this Challenge.

"Dear Heavenly Father.  

You have given us the gift of knowledge through Fashion Meets Faith creator Shari Braendel.  She has provided us with knowing that you made us beautiful. 

In these 15 days please help us to create a closet that brings calm to our lives so we may use our enthusiasm to help others.  

Please help us take a critical eye to our closet and to know that we are not alone in this challenge.  

Bless our fellow readers, their families and our families as we take on the dark places of our own homes.  

Thank you for leading us to this place where women gather to share, to learn and to support.  

In your Son's name, Jesus Christ.


Today's optional challenges:

* Take a picture of your closet in it's current state.  It will be worth it!

* IF you can stay on task and focused for 20-40 minutes... Take out all items in your closet.  Wipe down the walls.  Vacuum the floor.  Put everything back.  

 If taking the whole refrigerator, a closet, or a pantry apart has caused a messy environment then this might not be for you.  I have had the best intentions and I got distracted by trying to be more efficient (sorting, cleaning, looking, re-arranging, phone calls, friends, etc).  Sticking to the plan and staying on task truly IS the best way to be most effective.

Do not get distracted!  Do not sort things.  Put things right back... THEN you can play around if you'd like.  

Good Luck Ladies!  Tomorrow will be fun, no cleaning or closets required!

~ Laura ~


Arlene Grimm said...

I just cleaned my closet this week as I was putting away some summer clothing. It is so nice to walk into my nice orderly closet now!!

~Brenda said...

Laura, I have taken a picture of my freshly cleaned and organized closet. Lovely heart-felt prayer.

Daisha said...

My closet stays relatively organized. Because it's so small and I share it with my husband, there is no way for things to get out of place for too long without someone tripping over it. (or griping about it). I consider this part of the challenge "done."