Monday, September 24, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 3

Hi Ladies!  

Grab a pencil and some paper.  Scratch paper, loose leaf paper or a notebook works.  So far I’ve started over a few times… keeping it pretty isn’t necessary, but keep it easy to read.

Challenge for the day:
  •  Write down all of the places you go each week through the Fall Season.  No pretty lists, just jot it down.
  •  Re-Write your list in an order from “Every Day” to “Very Occasional” use with short descriptions of what is in that category.  Try to keep it to less than 8 categories, less is more.
  •  Write your list once more with numbers 1-8.  With 1 being the outfits you wear the MOST often and 8 being the outfits you wear the LEAST often.
  •  When you have your categories jot them in the comments below.

That’s it!

Tomorrow we take a peek at the closet, No Touching!

~ Laura ~

Here are my lists so far… Click on the picture to make it larger.

P.S.  Setting aside 20 minutes a day is great for this challenge.  If you get little behind, don’t worry we will still be here when you get back!


Anonymous said...

It really helps to see how you constructed your lists. Being a visual person, this concept is working for me! After work today I'm going to do the Day 2 challenge and remove everything from my closet and clean it. I really think after standing and staring at it, some things could truly be relocated so I can have more room in there. It's not real big! I needed this challenge in many ways!

Laura Gutknecht said...

Stay tuned with your relocation efforts! We have 15 days. Shari and I are looking forward to helping you walk through getting your closet in tip top shape! Keeping it simple is key in completing this challenge. Lord knows that I need this challenge too!

Thanks for chiming in!

~Brenda said...

I too like how you shared your list; good example of how to make mine; I have it finished.