Tuesday, September 25, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 4

Alright ladies,

Have your list?  If not go back HERE to finish it.

Today we are going to re-arrange our closet by just moving the hangers to match our list. 

Before going into your closet today you need to make a few decisions.

Decision #1:  Will your most popular category be on the right or the left (for now).  It is easier for me to start my most popular category on the left. My categories will go from left to right… 1, 2+3, 4, 5, 6.  My category 6 will be at the back of my closet.

Decision #2:  What does each category mean and which one takes priority?

For example here is my list.
1)      Work Clothes
2)      Casual Casual
3)      Dressy Casual
4)      Lounge + Layers
5)      Utility
6)      Fancy

For me… work clothes are the pieces I “ONLY” wear to work.  This includes my work uniform of Dickies pants, select button down shirts, and a handful of jackets.  I really won’t wear these pieces anywhere else.  I CAN, but don’t like to.

My Casual Casual or Dressy Casual CAN be worn to work, but I decided they will just stay in the Casual family.  I plan to combine my two Casual categories and start from the most casual to the least casual and blend these into my Fancy category.

If you have a few of these overlapping situations? Pick a direction and go with it, you can change it later.

Decision #3:  Which of these do not go in your actual closet?

My “Lounge+Layers” and “Utility” do not go on hangers in my closet.  These go in my dresser or in the stacking crates at the bottom of my closet.  A few pairs of paint pants might end up on the bottom level of my hanging outfits, but overall they will not be part of my closet moves.  If something has you stumped then just put it to the back of the closet, we will go find it this week.  Letting one trouble maker take all of your time isn't the intention, we will take care of him later, promise!

The Challenge:
Move your hangers to match your list.  If something does not belong to a category then just put it to the back of your closet for now unless you have another closet to place it in temporarily.  When everything has been re-arranged to match your order from 1-8, re-check it.  

After you've checked it, treat yourself to a beverage of your choice.  Ice Cold glass of water, Hot Apple Cider, Coffee, Soft Drink, your choice!  

A few things to chat about today:

1)  What categories do you have?

2)  How many colors of hangers do you have?  Which type are your favorite?

3) What beverage did you choose?

Until tomorrow!  You might want to brush up on your best colors before tomorrow!  

~ Laura


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! Most of my waking hours each week are spent at work out of necessity. Work clothes dominate my closet. I also have casual (football games, errand running, shopping - I like to dress nice even to go to the grocery store!), then workout clothes, lounging, yard and house work clothes, then dressy and super dressy (which have always resided elsewhere!). I use padded hangers for most of my work clothes, except dress pants & skirts which are on pants hangers so they can hang straight. All my hangers are white, so I might do colored tape around the handles for various categories. Chai Tea, always a treat! Karen

~Brenda said...

I have casual, dressy and dressy casual hanging in my closet; keep my very casual in a dresser. There are 3 different colored hangers; brown, orange and yellow; chose these colors because I am a warm and my favorite is the brown. I use padded hangers for dresses and blouses. I love drinking ice water throughout the day.

Daisha said...

I am truly behind! How can I get these posts sent to my email? I need to go to day 1 because I have no idea what's going on :(

Daisha said...

I have already subscribed but I don't receive the posts regularly.

Laura Gutknecht said...

It is being worked on as we speak! There were some technical issues with the email service. We hope it is up soon.

Start on Day 1 and continue through the weekend, you might be able to catch up. If you catch up, great! If you don't then don't worry about starting a few days behind because we will be back to our regular posts after this Challenge is completed.

Thanks for sticking with us!
~ Laura