Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 5

Five Days of Fall!

Having fun so far ladies?

Today's challenge you will need a few things first.

1) Address of the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Women's Shelter, woman in need... where can you take any "unloved" pieces from your closet?

2) A few garbage bags.

3) Your car keys.

4) Your Swatches!

5) Note pad + Pen

On to the closet! 

You are going to do this 3 times so stay on task and follow my lead!

Each Time... Start with your #1 category and move all the way to the back of the closet.  Do a full sweep before starting the next Round.

Round 1:  What colors are not in your swatch set?  Pull them out.  Start at the beginning and go ALL the way to the back.

Round 2:  What styles don't match your Body Shape?  Pull those out too.

Round 3:  What is in here that you just don't wear?

Take a good hard look at the pieces you pulled out.  What would happen if you blessed other women with these pieces?

Place as many pieces you can into the garbage bags and deliver them to your car... right away!

Still have pieces on hangers that you "can't give away" ?  Let's call a truce and put them in front of your #1 category.  

Write those pieces down in your notebook.  Write about how they make you feel and what you hope they do for you in the future.

We will sleep on it and chat about it tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams!

~ Laura ~

P.S.  Driving your clothes to the donation center gets you extra Fashion points!

P.P.S.  Getting those bags out of the house and into the car, even if there is one piece will get you Fashion Points too!  

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~Brenda said...

I found 3 pieces that I no longer wear; will put them in a box for an upcoming yard sale. Enjoying the 15 days of fall with you and Shari!