Friday, September 28, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 7

Hello beautiful ladies!  Friday has arrived!

In the spirit of it being Friday I would like to bring you an entertaining, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek post today.  I honestly think it is the only way to approach the topic of “Socks and Underwear”.

Socks and Underwear.,,,The truly necessary pieces in our dresser drawers… oh how they are abused!

From laundry gremlins who separate pairs to elastic bands that have seen their share.  From camisoles in back corners to swimsuits who need new owners.  Our drawers, at least my drawers are filled with pieces and parts that need to be whipped into shape, beauty booty camp style!  *grins*

Alright cadets!  Gather the necessary supplies  (think of a woman trying to sound gruff and stern while giggling and smiling… that’s me talking to you today!). 

  • ·         Grab a trash basket, not to be confused with a donation bag! 
  • ·         Get a Twin sized flat sheet (or large beach towel, regular towel, large sheet)
  • ·         Walk the necessary paces to arrive at your first dresser drawer, make sure it is the one with the socks
  • ·         Load your sheet with all of your socks, paired and un-paired
  • ·         Deliver the sheet to your bed and unfold
  • ·         Find your pairs
  • ·         Toss the holey (not to be confused with Holy) torn, and tattered socks into the trash
  • ·         Place your pairs into your Wardrobe categories OR black, white and fuzzy/fun.  Set them to one corner of your sheet
  • ·         Return to the dresser and load up your underwear… panties if you will.
  • ·         Take a good look at them.  Toss the holey, strained, stressed, stained, and unhappy pairs
  • ·         Put the keepers at another corner of your sheet
  • ·         Go back to your dresser and see what else is in there and do each type of clothing one at a time.

My dresser and More Ideas…. A.K.A. Laura Ramblings:
  • ·         I then started with my camisoles (these can be donated if in good shape)
  • ·         Then went through my swimsuits, I put several with my summer clothing
  • ·         The hosiery and tights I put into my closet on a hanger, I might place them on a “scarf” holder so I can see them better.  For me the tights just take up too much room when they come undone in my dresser.
  • ·         I found a way to use my ripped/untrendy tights/nylons during the winter months.,,211604,00.html.  I put mine in the gutter where it drains and it kept things flowing that winter.  The only thing it really does is to keep the calcium chloride from all going down the drain pipe, but it worked for us where there is usually an ice dam.
  • ·         Buttons!  I have a cute little tin that I put all of my buttons into.  All those extra buttons that come on shirts, pants, etc… they go in here.  This tin wanders the drawers, but we can always find it.
  • ·         We will chat about Bra’s and Spanks before the challenge is over so I will hold off on those, for today put them back in your dresser if you are overall happy with them.  The sad ones should be tossed.
  • ·         When you have your drawers (mostly) cleaned up, wipe them out and return the pieces on your bed to the dresser.
  • ·         What about the missing sock pairs?  I think I will keep them aside.  I have an extra  waste basket that I think I will put in the laundry room with these in it.  If the socks in the basket don’t pair up like the animals on the ark then I will have to find another use for them or throw them out.  Any suggestions would be great for socks without partners!
  • ·         Anything that might not belong in your regular life should be kept out of the dresser.  The random misplaced objects should find another home.

So?  How many socks are you left with?  Do you need to add these to your shopping list?  I tend to appreciate having 2 weeks worth of my daily socks so I can get a little behind on laundry. 

How many of your undies survived? Do you need to go find some Hanes or Secret undies?  I’ve found over the years that comfort beats labels any day!  Add it to the list!
How did YOUR dresser fare?

~ Laura ~


Anonymous said...

Oh, my ! Laura you are too funny. Ross and Marshalls have good deals on nice undies.

~Brenda said...

Love your humorous approach to underwear and socks! I replaced what was needed in this category last spring; so I’m good.

Megan C said...

I really like Gillian & Omalley undies from Target, Gold Toe and Hue make good socks, and Vanity Fair bras work for me. Thanks (to both Shari & Laura) for the fall freshen/fashion tips!

Remnant said...

In the laundry room of the house I recently bought, the former owner left a box labeled, "Rags Use and Toss" filled to the brim with socks. I have used, and tossed, several already.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I know you mentioned comfortable undies - do you have a favorite brand(I'm always on the lookout for these!)?

Anonymous said...

Jockey undies are nice and comfy.