Monday, October 1, 2012

15 Days of Fall: Day 10

Welcome to the 10th month and to our 10th day!

In my closet I still have 1 more area to look at.  It holds my lounge, layers, utility categories 

These are my PJ’s, leggings/long johns, sweat pants, paint pants, yard work shirts and sweatshirts.  I plan to go through them and donate several extra t-shirts... oh how I have collected them through school then from my volunteer efforts.

Take an overall peek at any area in your home that would collect clothing type items and sort through them. 

 This is a great idea that I might use if I pull my sweaters off the hanger.

Spend 20 minutes in your bedroom today and make a commitment to getting to the other areas in the next week or so.

Your closet and dresser (at least your half of it) should be in great shape for what’s about to come. 

Short and sweet for today because tonight the webinar that Shari is hosting!

Shari Webinar Reminder!  She has a great night planned!

We will begin at 9pm eastern time (8pm central). If you cannot be on the LIVE Webinar, you will receive a link to the recording to watch at your convenience. 

The Webinar is going to be all about the 4 Fashion Stories for Fall! I’m even going to show you the top 10 trends for MEN…so you can help the man in your life look all fashionable too…heheh!

Don't miss out!  

See you at the end of the week!

~ Laura ~

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