Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 11 Challenge: Shapewear

Day 11 Challenge

Today’s the day to examine your shapewear and determine if what you’ve got is the right stuff for you and your body.  It’s my opinion that every woman needs at least one or more pieces of the “gut busting” garments in her wardrobe. It’s a rare woman who never needs to suck in her tummy or slim down her thighs or bottom for a slimming skirt.

So what about you? Today’s challenge is to take an inventory of the slimming shapewear in your wardrobe. Slip on a solid color t-shirt type top (not a regular t-shirt displaying your favorite team, but one that you’d wear under a jacket, or alone. Make sure it’s more of a body hugging style. Look in a full length mirror from the front AND from the back. Do you have a muffin top that shows?  Do you have bumps and budges that pop out and are visible? I’m not talking “naked” visible, but visible with your clothes on. Now slip on a skirt or dress that you might wear with a blouse or top that’s no longer than your waist area. If you were walking away from someone, would we see the shape of you bottom in the back? Would your ‘fluffy’ areas protrude?

What kind of shapewear do you need to add to help you look the very best in your clothes?

·         Do you need a new bra? Is your bustline sitting where it’s supposed to be, halfway between your shoulders and elbows? Perhaps just a yank on your straps will get you a bit more perky!

·         Just a little bit of muffin top or fluffiness on top? Then a Cami-Shaper might do the trick for you. If that doesn’t work, then opt for a pair of higher wasited undies to suck in the wiggly stuff! And if you need a bit of smoothing out in your thigh, hip, booty area, then go for the mid thigh shaper.

·         For your skirts or dresses, my FAVORITE, I mean FAVORITE undergarment is the organza control slip for Essential Bodywear…I wear it under my dresses and skirts AND even OVER my yoga pants if I’m wearing a tunic on top of that…it is superb….It’s literally the  best shaper I’ve ever put on my bod. It has a built in bra, a comfy mid-section control panel to hold in my tummy, and a smooth slip to hold in hips and bottom to create a fine, slim, line in back and front!                                                                  
Once you decide what kind of shapewear you need, add it to your shopping list.

See you tomorrow!


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