Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 12 Challenge: Fall Basics

Day 12 Challenge
Fall/Winter Basics Check Off List
Okay gals, get your pencil in order and head to your closet. These are the items you need in your wardrobe to make it thru Fall/Winter…what do you have? What do you need?
·         2-3 pair of slacks
·         4-5 tops in flattering colors
·         1 blazer
·         1 party dress
·         1 skirt to wear with boots
·         Winter coat in your best neutral or pop color (if winter applies)
·         2 Winter scarves and coordinating gloves (if winter applies)
·         2-3 patterned or solid colored tights
·         Flats for everyday wear
·         Boots
·         Pumps or Heels
·         3-4 Trendy Accessories that reflect your style
·         Statement bag
If you were on the Free Webinar on Monday night, you heard about the Fall trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe…now put that to work! (Hey, if you weren’t on the Fall Webinar but signed up for it, make sure you register for it and check in on the link because that’s how you get the recording!)
Also, if you have any pictures of the work you've been doing during the 15 Days of Fall, please email them to  She wants to feature them on Saturday!
See you girls!
Love, Shari


~Brenda said...

Looks like I need a scarf, gloves and heels, added these to my shopping list. :)

Megan C said...

Tights & winter coat are now on my shopping list, or Christmas list.