Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 15: We have arrived!

Hi Ladies!  

It's me, Laura, did you miss me?  hehehe.  Of course not!  Shari was giving out some awesome advice this week!

I wanted to share with a little more of my story.  I am an engineer, an industrial engineer. I love TV shows like Tabitha Takes Over and Home Makeovers (any of them).

I know that a lot of fairy dust (money) goes into those shows, but it also takes a willing heart of the recipient.  

I take joy in helping make other's life easier whether it is in the work place or in their home.  I love giving them little clues, hints or even a trail of bread crumbs to lead them to make the changes in their environment so they can truly succeed.  

I LOVE that Shari and you, her readers, have embraced this Nerdy Tomboy because it is so much fun knowing that I can sprinkle a little hope into your lives.

So how was this challenge like all those TV shows that I love?

You let go of a previous season on Day 1

On Day 2,  You prayed.

You found your purpose, your Major and Minor Wardrobes, on Days 3.

You made decisions and executed them on Days 4 & 5.

On Day 6, you looked your past in the face and told it "I'm ready to change".

You had some fun on Days 7 & 8.

On Day 9, you spoke to the Lord from your hearts.

You faced your "Left Overs", on Day 10.

On Days 11 & 12, you understood what you needed, the basics.

You gave away excess and planned for what's next, on Days 13 & 14

You weren't alone and you can do this again.  

Help a friend or a family member with this challenge or use the same tools to look at other areas in your life.  I know my kitchen and pantry could use the same love and attention.  

You created your own "Closet Makeover".  You had the help of Shari and I, but YOU completed it.  

I am giving you a pat on the back and a huge hug!  

When facing future challenges... Remember to take it one step at a time and to have a plan for your time.

Much love and respect.

~ Laura ~

Alright ladies!  Spill it!  I want to know your stories, your laughing moments, your crying moments.  Send me pictures and where this challenge has taken you.  

If you didn't finish or didn't start, how can I help you?  

I promise not to use any pictures without permission and I will not share stories with your name on it. 

Please!  I love emails!


Rose said...

Thanks! my closet hasn't ever looked so good!

Suzigirl said...

I missed the actual webinar but was able to register after the fact today. Problem is, I still haven't received the link to watch it. Help!

Anonymous said...

My closet is neat as a pin and I can find things. I have donated many things that were languishing to other women who can really use them and that is a good feeling. I have been true to my colors and let go of unflattering things, difficult as that was at times!! I have copied this whole thing down to use again in the spring, when it will be very much needed again!!
Thanks for the encouragement along the journey! Karen

Laura Gutknecht said...

Rose ~ That sounds great!

Suzigirl ~ Did the email come through yesterday? If not here is the link of the recording

Karen ~ That sounds awesome! It's a great idea to do it again in the Spring. Go have fun with your new wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble finding a mid size black handbag. I'm kind of traditional. Where would you suggest?