Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tortured by Tints

In the spirit of Halloween today we are chatting about the dreaded question... 

Is Navy REALLY different from Black?

This is hard to explain directly so let me try it in a round about way.

If I wore a Navy and White stripped shirt you would call it Nautical.

Fashion by kikaPaprika

If I wore a Black and White stripped shirt you would be singing "Jail House Rock".

If I came to a funeral in Navy, wore a witches hat in Navy or showed up with a Navy Cat you would look at me funny.

The same goes for if I showed you a big black sky during the day, or Black and Red as the Republican/Democrat states or even our American Flag's colors... Red, White and Black?  Crazy!  

If I wore Navy to a Black event it might be humorous   If I brought Black to a typically Navy event it would bring a sense of sadness.

So... YES Navy IS different from Black.  

But WHY does that matter when picking out our outfits?  

Why is Navy the TRUE neutral that EVERYONE can wear?

I know there are scientific reasons related to prisms and such... however the best reason I can think of is that Black is NOT a color... it is the absence of all color and of all light for that matter.

Black is in STARK contrast of White.  The EXACT opposite.  Cools and Clears have the best chance of winning the battle ground between Black and White because a Cool and a Clear's natural features mirror this contrast.  Deeps have a great chance of taking on the Black battle because their features are already dark enough to hold their own against Black. 

For the rest of the DCC colors... Navy is the best go to when your natural features can't compete with the harsh Black demands.  Black demands contrast and deep coloring.  Navy demands nothing.  

Navy allows beautiful skin to shine, to look radiant and to appear youthful because Navy does not compete with your natural beauty.  Blues in general brighten blue and hazel eyes, bring out the color in your cheeks and lips (in a very good way) and allow your skin to look it's best.

Ladies I just told you how to look younger by changing your Black Coat, Black sweaters and Black tops.  

Go Navy, yes even those who can wear Black!  

Change to your Pop Color.  

Be daring to step out of the "Black fits all group" and join us at where Navy suits you beautifully.

I hope you have a safe and fun night with kiddos and that you are no longer tortured by the Black v. Navy debate.

With much appreciation,


Supporting and Contributing Editor ~


Anonymous said...

Great post as usual ! I think navy & white is so cute together. What about navy shoes or jewelry ?

Arlene Grimm said...

Ok, I am one of the girls who can wear black...I am cool with platinum hair. ( That is what we call it at Going Gray and Looking Great Website!). I loves blue, the deep sapphire blue but navy is just not one of my favorite colors. So I will just stick with black, it makes me feel bold and confident.

~Brenda said...

As a 'warm’ I gave up wearing black and to tell the truth, I don't wear navy either, makes my skin look sallow.

Sandy has already gone through, had wind and rain, thankfully we didn’t lose power!

Michelle Angelique said...

I have to admit that I gave up wearing navy years ago also. I am a soft and I just never felt pretty when I wore navy. I have one very soft black sweater that I kept but I donated all my black jackets to the thrift store. Brown is my constant go-to neutral color. I always feel more confident when I wear it and get so many compliments from people that don't believe I am 44. :)