Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Hi Ladies!

I know we are well into October and that we are nearing the end of the Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness, month but I had some inspiration last week when ladies were encouraged to wear pink to show their support.

I saw some beautiful ladies get over powered by the pink they chose.

I am hoping to give you a few tips for wearing pink based off of your DCC.

Warm Gals - Oh my dear.  All those common pinks hide your beauty.  You should go and be unique.!  Instead of wearing the common pinks, wear a Coral-y, orangish pink, it's in the swatches.  It will make you look beautiful and it still counts as pink, I said so!

Cool Gals - You can rock the Medium to Bright shades of Pink, just stay away from the pastel pinks.

Light Gals - Pale to medium pinks suit you very well.

Clear Gals - Stick to the very bright Hot Pink to Medium pinks, avoiding the pale shades.

Deep Gals - Hot pink is great, but it should not be bright.  It is a medium shade of pink that is not dusty or a truly bright fuschia.  Your swatches will help you choose well.

Soft Gals - YOU have the most pink of any other category!  Whoo Hoo!  The Hot Pink of the Deeps is perfect, you can go dusty pink, rose, or even pale pale pink this month.  The bright shades are the only ones you should stay away from.

On a side note:

As busy ladies we tend to miss things.  We tend to think... yeah we are ok or it's not too bad. 

* I would like to encourage each one of you to do a self-assessment of yourself.  Get to know your curves, your moles/freckles, feel how your body has changed over the years and peek at the coloring of your skin in the mirror.  This includes your girls, the bra covering ones... Mentioning this to your girlfriend, daughter or mom wouldn't be a bad idea, but start with you first!   

* Take notes when you aren't feeling 100%.  Jotting them down in your planner or your email might be key in finding out a long term problem, an allergy to food or just be handy on that next doctor's visit when they ask questions.  Writing down details is the best.  How you feel, what you ate, and any other factors will help... it won't hurt getting to know yourself.  You ARE kind of awesome!   :-)

* Give yourself a treat for being so honest with yourself.  Treat yourself to a home pedicure, one more hour of girlie-TV or a night out with a girlfriend.   You deserve to feel beautiful as well as look amazing.  I added a recipe for sweet pampering that won't hurt your diet!

My new favorite Recipe:  Sugar Scrub!

2 cups White Sugar
1 cup Olive Oil
1 tsp Vanilla

Mix together and put into a jar near the shower and near the kitchen sink.  Take some scrub and massage over your dry areas, the olive oil will nourish your hands and they will feel silky smooth! 

Much love ladies!

~ Laura

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we get so busy with stuff. If we are not well it's hard to help others. The scrub must smell yummy. :)

~Brenda said...

Appreciate the reminder about BSE and I agree with anonymous the scrub would smell yummy! Thanks for the tip on how to wear pink for warms.

Michelle Angelique said...

My best friend of 35 years was just diagnosed with breast cancer this week. I now have my mamo scheduled for next month. I will have to make up a tub of this scrub as a sweet gift for her. Thank you for the tips.

Isabelle said...

Question: How do I know if I'm a warm, cool, light, clear, deep, or soft gal? I'm brand new to your site so I'm sure you've covered this before.

Laura Gutknecht said...

Hi Ladies! Thanks for the notes back. Prayers for those with cancer and their families are never in short supply.

Isabelle welcome! If you look in the post you will see DCC, it is a link to finding whether you are a Soft, Clear, Light, Deep, Warm or Cool. Let us know what DCC you are! Have fun!


Erika said...

Hello, I know this is off topic. Just want to say I pray anyone in the Hurricane areas will be safe ! Take care !