Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Makeup Trends

Hi Ladies!

Shari and I have been busily helping beautiful ladies this past week and we wanted to share a few makeup trends for the post today.  


Bright Eyes are a really fun trend right now.  I pulled these images from

The Beauty Tip to remember today is to keep in mind your Contrast, check the blog post if you missed it.

The Brighter the better for our Clear Gals!  Cool's and Light can tone it down a little, not SUCH bright colors for you ladies.

For the Softs, Warms and Deeps - don't let the contrast or brightness of your eye shadow over power your beauty... it isn't Halloween... yet.  This is a great way to use a bright color without distracting from your low contrast and gorgeous natural beauty.


RED lips are a great trend and so are NEUTRAL lips!

Clear, Cool and Light... you are the ladies who can rock the RED colors.

Clear's you can go RED RED.  Cools, it's best to tone it down just a little.  Lights, keep to the Rose-y colors. 

Softs, Deeps and Warms have a great trend in the Neutral Lip this Fall.  Don't be shy about using a soft neutral colored gloss.  

Alright ladies, those are your personalized Eye and Lip Trends for the Fall.

Have fun!



~Brenda said...

Love the makeup tips!

Megan C said...

I'd love to see how you interpret these trends using your color/ + products and tips

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for make up tips! Do you think it would be possible to pass along some application tips? Eyes especially? Would you recommend a trip to a make up counter for colors/tips/pointers from one of the stylists there? I think if someone handed me the products, I could make it happen! Karen

Anonymous said...

I second what megan C said. Fun post !

Anonymous said...

The red lip look is lovely. Like she was out in the cool air.