Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lessons from the Closet

We had a reader share with us a great reason she keeps her closet clean.  Take a look!

I spent a week cooking at an outdoor recreation camp 100 miles from home.  When finished my husband and I had a professional dinner meeting scheduled 20 miles from home.  If we arranged to meet at the dinner and by saving the travel to home, our schedules would work out best.  Before I left home I set out the "perfect outfit" with print skirt, solid shirt, shoes and jewelry.  My husband would bring my outfit and I'd change at the restaurant.

We met - what came into the restaurant lobby was not what I had set out.  On his way to the truck, the shirt was a victim of spilled juice.  So thoughtful man that he is, he chose 2 shirts from my closet.  Neither fit me anymore.  (and neither really went with the skirt, but that's another point of "my taste, your taste").  Needless to say, I couldn't attend the meeting in my jean shorts and t-shirt that I has worn as I cleaned a commercial kitchen and loaded equipment in 90 degree temperatures.  So I chose the better option, and decided the best thing anyone can wear is a smile.  My smile and attitude would have to outshine my attire.

Even now, recalling having a button front shirt that didn't button around my fanny and gapped in other places causes me to grimace. 

The next morning, I cleared out the closet.  Too many shirts that didn't fit me went to other folks.  They won't be in the closet confusing my loving, well-intending hubby. 

Your blog on 30 days to a better dressed you (me!) last spring gave a great outline of what to do, keep, discard.

We also chatted about having shirts that went with skirts and pants that had partners.  We asked if she had an pictures of the outfit and we are proud to hear that the whole ensemble had been donated long before the Fall Challenge came to be.

My challenge to you today... there are a two levels of challenge today.

1st Level - Set out your outfits for the next 2 days and have an idea for Sunday's church outfit.  Whether you have a work "uniform" or stay at home with young children most women wear pretty similar outfits from day to day.  Try it out and report back!

2nd Level - Make sure each top goes with at least 2 pairs of bottoms and vice versa.  What should you do with the bottoms with only one top?  You decide, however, if you have a piece that has no partners you should consider donating the piece or putting the match on your shopping list.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Laura

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Michelle Angelique said...

How funny that you posted this today. I spent my evening completely redoing my closet. (I didn't get to do the 15 day challenge but I did read thru some of the posts for it). I took out all my clothes, matched up all the different outfits, tried them on, figured out the shoes and jewelry for them and then hung everything neatly back in the outfit sets. If my outfits shared an item then they were placed together. I now have a bag of clothes to donate that didnt have an outfit to match or didnt fit. I am positively happy everytime I step up to my closet now! Tonight I am tackling my dresser drawers! :)

Even if I dont have time at the moment to do a challenge I still appreciate the posts because it gives me ideas to work on as my schedule allows. :)

Keep up the good work girls!