Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 10 Holiday Challenge

Day 10 Holiday Challenge

Today we are focusing on your EYEBROWS. This is one area on your face that most women tend to forget about...and that's a no-no. Your eyebrows frame your face, help your eyes stand out more AND when shaped and filled in, can be the best anti-aging tip there is.

I found a great website that focuses on your brows so I want you to visit it today and then make sure you treat your brows to either a trimming, waxing, shaping and filling in of color.

Sparce brows make you look older and kind of let's get happy and shape them!

I use a brow powder called blonde (but it's light brown if you ask me!) and color my eyebrows each day as part of my makeup routine.

What do you do?

Check out this site for Eyebrow Info.
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Love you girls!!!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried brow stencils ? What shops are good for getting them shaped ? Maybe Ulta or Sephora ?

Laura said...

That website seems like a lot of work. It would be great if you really had problem brows. I keep mine cleaned up with tweezers and filled in with Merle Norman brow sealer. Great stuff. It is kind of like mascara, so it gives color and shape to your eyebrows at the same time. I prefer it to a pencil because a pencil colors your skin, whereas this brow sealer colors the hairs so it looks more natural.

Kris L. said...

My challenge has always been making my blond eyebrows visible. My favorite product so far has been a blond pencil, but I always struggled between not enough pencil and too much. I finally decided that my problem might be me--I'm the one that's not used to seeing definite eyebrows, so they always looked weird to me. I decided to "error" on the side of too much yesterday and found that no one thought I looked awkward. Like the website said would happen, no one even noticed--I just looked "good". Thanks for the push Shari.