Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 11 Holiday Challenge

Day 11 Holiday Challenge

Do you ever use the following words hot or sexy to describe yourself? If you're like most Christian women, we see that as a big no-no. Today's challenge is to look at yourself in a new way. Not only for YOU but for your husband if you happen to have one. 

Today's challenge is to read this article I wrote at my friend Nicole O'Dell's place. You'll probably get hooked on all her other stuff too while you're there! 

 But read the article I wrote called One
Hot Mama and then report back as to whether or not you see yourself this way and tell me what you're going to do about it. We're working on the INSIDE of you today. 

And by the way, I think Pinterest is checking me out before they post my One Hot Mama board because it doesn't allow anyone to see it right now...I may have to change the title...any ideas for it that won't get me thrown off Pinterest? 
Would love a good title that says what I want it to say without actually saying it, ya know? I just want to show some hot mama clothes there!
Love you friends,


Michelle Angelique said...

Oh, Shari, you make me laugh! :) How about calling your article One Fabulour Mama or Woman for those who don't have children. Sadly, I think our Christian society associates sexy along with the other "S" word. I started wearing pretty bras and panties with lacy bands several years ago because they made me feel prettier and confident in a secretly quiet sort of way. I am very careful to be modest, but I do try to be very feminie in the way I dress and I think that little bit of lace, put together hair and makeup look and quiet confidence goes a long way to making a woman be "sexy" in a healthy and Godly way. :) Thank you for being willing to tackle such a difficult subject for Christian women. Keep up the good work. :)

Laura said...

Lingerie isn't only for my husband - when I have it on I feel more confident, and confidence is way more sexy than a perfect body. Years ago, when I was complaining about my imperfect body, my frustrated husband finally scolded me: "Don't pick on my wife like that!" I got it. Now I overlook the stretch marks and excess weight and just let him enjoy me without telling him that he shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your title is the problem. You might be posting it on one of your secret boards that allows you to see it but not any of your followers. It's a new feature.

Kris L. said...

Kudos on the article. You convinced me--I S.H.O.P.ed for for the new underthings first. I can always get a new blouse later:)

Shari Braendel said...

Love all your comments girls....I especially loved what Laura's husband said...so awesome! love all of you!