Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 12 Holiday Challenge

Day 12 Holiday Challenge

When was the last time you gave yourself a mani/pedi…or had one done for you? We’re checking out your fingers and toes today so how do yours look?

It’s really not important that you pay a professional to do this for you, what’s important is that they don’t look like that old underwear of yours…you know, ratty and torn up!
Chipped nail polish is ugly. Bare nails aren’t so pretty either, especially on your toes. 

Today’s challenge is to get your nails and toes painted!!!!! Do it yourself, go to a professional, but whatever it you do, polish them….all of them.

Can it be clear? Well, if that’s all you have, then sure. But why not try a soft shade of pink or even a nude beige color instead. Are you a red kind of girl? Then go bright red for the holidays…especially on your toes. And NO, your toes and fingers do NOT need to be the same color….it’s pretty that way, but sometimes I do a French manicure on my fingernails and paint my toes a deep shade of brown or rust.

The trend this season is to paint one of your nails a different shade than the others, like in the picture shown….are you going to do that? I’m probably not, but it’s pretty!

Tell me girls, what will you be doing with your nails today? What colors are you choosing?

love ya!


Laura said...

I got some silver nail-polish because you had said in an earlier blog that metallic colors are in now. I also have a sparkly polish. I am going to do my fingers and toes in the silver with sparkly on top. Next week I have a choir performance and my husband's work party, so I need to look festive and sparkly!

Michelle Angelique said...

I just noticed yesterday that my finger nails needed a manicure. I usually don't mess with my toes in the winter because I cut them really short for all my boots and mules that I wear in the cold weather months, they are also always covered with thick warm socks as soon as I get home. I will check them out tonight and paint them too. I will probably go with a nude or soft pink on my toes and fingers. Thanks for the reminder. :)

ps/ I wont be following the trend with my nails. I am all about symetry. lol

Erika said...

Hi Shari,
My nails often break and I get hangnails. What can I do ? Do we pick nail colors based on our swatches ? :)

Anonymous said...

Living in Mn, I probably won't see my toes uncovered till about April- then it will be a pedicure. I will do my nails today thoe!

Kris L. said...

Being a pure natural, I always buffed my nails rather than painting them; but you convinced me to paint my toenails during the last challenge. I was surprised how much I liked them-and by how many compliments I got. I still didn't do the hands, because I could never keep them un-chipped. For this challenge I found a clear sparkly polish to wear to my formal holiday party--and it doesn't show chips! So I may just wear it all season.

Shari Braendel said...

Erika: Yes, pick colors based on for hangnails, a clipper usually gets that off or you might have to get a professional manicure every so often to take care of that.

And LOVE all you ladies taking care of your nails and toes now and being all sparkly! love ya!