Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 14 Holiday Challenge

Day 14 Holiday Challenge

The first EVER Christian Fashion Week and YOU can WIN a $500 Shopping Spree and a trip to Tampa, FL to be part of an epic event…is about to happen! 

Today’s Challenge is EASY….all you have to do is ENTER to win…and guess who will get to take you shopping if you’re the winner? Well, that would be ME, of course!

Can you imagine being part of this exciting event for the Christian community? You will see Christian designers, models, exhibitors, and an UNBELIEVEABLE Fashion Show that will rock the runway. 

It takes place February 8-9th, 2013 in Tampa, FL and the $500 Shopping Spree, plane fare, hotel, and all expenses paid is being sponsored by Zondervan and their Style Line Bibles. 

Please let your friends know about this…we want Christians to take the fashion world by storm! 

Help us do that by telling all your girlfriends!

What do you think about this…are you excited?
 Isn’t it amazing?

Please help us spread the word!

Love you friends!!!


Megan C said...

Awesome, thanks! Signed up!

Michelle Angelique said...

Woohoo!! I am signed up! That would be a great 45th birthday present seeing as it is on my birthday. lol :)

Dana said...

Awesome - thanks for the tip - I'm signed up