Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 7 Holiday Challenge

Day 7 Holiday Challenge

Makeup Check! Every woman needs a little makeup…or in some cases, a little more.
Please check your makeup drawer and concentrate on just the following things today and see if you have the following:

Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer
Lipstick or Lipgloss
Eyebrow Powder or Pencil

Please wear lipstick and blush that goes with your DCC. Here’s a guideline:

WARM: Tawny, Copper, Peach (absolutely NO pinks or berries)
COOL: Pink, Berry, Rose (absolutely NO copper, brown, peach)
LIGHT: Pink, Berry, Peach, Soft Red (NO dark colors)
DEEP: Berry, Tawny, Brown, Burgundy, Red (No pale colors)
CLEAR: Berry, Fuschia, High Glossy Colors (NO light colors; NO brown, copper)
SOFT: Peach, Pink, Coral (NO bright red, NO dark colors)

Putting your best face forward will help others see your eyes and your smile and help you face each day looking your very best.

Get rid of any makeup colors that don’t suit your DCC.

Hope you have a beautiful day preparing for Thanksgiving!

Love you girls, Shari


Sarah M. said...

I've got them all and even in the right colors!

Laura said...

I am a clear who used to wear quite neutral, light make-up. I thought make-up wasn't supposed to be too noticeable. Now I have much brighter lipsticks and purple eyeshadow (that was another suggestion I found on this blog awhile back) and I'm really enjoying my new face. Even my husband (who grew up with a family who didn't think women should wear make-up) likes my colorful face. Who knew! Ha ha.

Carmi said...

I have all those makeup items and more because I just like makeup. Had to toss a few but most were the correct colors.