Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 6 Holiday Challenge

Day 6 Holiday Challenge

As I began to discuss Habit-Shopping yesterday, the reason I want you to know what colors you have is because we typically buy the same color over and over again because it’s easy and available…like black. 

The next time you go shopping for something new, please shop for only your best neutral or your best POP colors. (If you don’t have your color swatches, please get them…you’ll find them on my website. Every woman should have a set to shop with and build her wardrobe around.)

Today’s challenge puts you back in your closet. For every bottom you have, you should have 2-3 tops to go with it. Do you? Also, does every bottom you have flatter you? If you’re a D body shape, do you have jeans, pants and skirts that ‘flow’ over your hips or do they fit too tight? Remove any unflattering bottom.

If you are a B or O body shape, are all your tops LONG enough to cover your B? B’s shouldn’t tuck in shirts as it brings attention to our problem area.

GET A NOTEBOOK. Write down all the bottoms and number them. Make sure these are bottoms that fit, are the right color and are in style. (It might be a good idea to do this with a friend or teen or adult daughter so you are honest with each other.) 

Next to each bottom, make a slash mark as to how many tops you have that work with that item. You may also list the top by describing it, but a slash mark is fine. I want you to see how many tops you have to go with each bottom. PLEASE remove any tops or bottoms that just don’t work for you.

 For example, Softs, please remove any black and white prints. Clears, remove any beige or muted tones unless you are going to wear a bright scarf with it. 

Finally, what do you need to purchase? Do you need a new top or two? What about a new pair of GREAT FITTING jeans? Make a list to carry in your purse called S.H.O.P. It means Shopping Happily On Purpose! Refuse to purchase anything that is NOT on your list. No more impulse shopping.

If you need to re-try on your clothes, do so with the mind set that if it doesn’t look GREAT on you, then it shouldn’t be in your closet. Most of us have too many clothes and only some of them look good. I’d rather you have a FEW clothes and look AMAZING in all of them.

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Love ya! Shari


Erika said...

what cut of pants and skirts are best for a D body ? Thanks ! Such great advice.

Sarah M. said...

I returned some tops today with the tags on them. They were pale pastel colors that I liked. But now knowing that I'm a "clear", I realized that they weren't the right ones for me. Definitely not POP colors! So, they went back to the store and I now having some spending money for what I SHOULD be wearing. Thanks for your advice!

Kris L. said...

I got rid of a small pile of old favorites today. It was easier to do when I realized that the only reason they were still in my closet was because the were old favorites. I had to face the fact that they'd gone from wore-in to worn-out and it was time for them to move out.