Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 5 Holiday Challenge

Day 5 Holiday Challenge

The main reason we don’t feel we have anything to wear is because we buy the same types of things over and over again. We are habit-shoppers, meaning, we get in the habit of buying a certain ‘type’ of top or sweater, or even jeans or skirt, because it’s what we’ve always chosen. The problem is, we end of with a whole lot in our closet that doesn’t really flatter us. 

That’s why it’s sooooo important to know what your body shape is. 

It’s equally important to know what colors look best on you.
Some of you have been following my tips for a long while, but there are many more of you who are NEW to this page. 

So for those of you who have been following along for awhile, just hang in there with me as I lead our newbies thru the steps to getting our look together.  

Before I can take you any farther, it is imperative you know what your best colors are. If you know what they are, please list 3 of your BEST pop colors and 1 NEUTRAL color below in the comment form along with your DCC (dominant color characteristic).  

 For example, I am a WARM and my best neutral is Chocolate brown, and I love Rust, Olive Green, and Leopard Print. 

This will help our new readers know how to find their best colors. 

Also, if you don’t know what your DCC is, please go to my website and get a free color analysis, then check back in with us here.  

Love you! Shari


Dana said...

I'm a SOFT, and one of my neutrals is medium to light brown. I love light turquoise, medium and light greys, and medium blue.

Megan C said...

clear: white; turqoise, purple, and cobalt blue

Sarah M. said...

I'm a CLEAR. One of my neutrals is dark charcoal gray. My pop colors are royal blue, fushia and purple.

Michelle Angelique said...

I am a soft. My neutral is light to medium brown, my favorte pop colors are turquoise, medium pinks and greens.

Michelle said...

I'm a CLEAR; Neutral is black; pop colors are purple, fuschia, & teal

Carmi said...

I am a Clear also. My neutral is dark gray and my favorite pop colors are red, fuschia and aqua

Kris L. said...

I'm not sure if I'm a warm or a soft--the strawberry left my strawberry-blond hair a few years ago and my eyes turned from hazel to blue. But my favorite colors, and the ones that get compliments are any brown, smoke blue, and teal blue, rust, and cranberry.