Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 4 Holiday Challenge

Day 4 Holiday Challenge

Happy Sunday! I will answer your questions about Shapers tomorrow under the comment section for Day 3, but until then, here’s your challenge for today.

Since Thanksgiving is this week, it’s time to plan what you are going to wear. Please don’t wear the ‘same ole thing’ that you’d wear on a regular day. Dress up a little! 

If you are going to wear jeans, then wear a fancy top; if you are going to wear leggings or skinnies tucked into boots, then decide which tunic or sweater you’re going to wear…and no matter what outfit you’re planning on wearing, choose jewelry that has a bit of sparkle to it. 

Search your closet and plan your Thanksgiving outfit…today. Make sure the pieces fit; do you need to shop for a sparkly top? Darker jeans? Boots? Fancy ballet flats? Some new shiny earrings or necklace to go with your outfit? A glitzy scarf?

Hang your outfit and jewelry together so it’s ready for Thursday…you’ll look and feel  more confident when you’re pulled together in a pretty outfit. 

Plan it now, so you don’t stress out on Thursday morning or when you’re packing on Tuesday or Wednesday to travel out of town to family’s house.

Happy Planning! Would love to hear what you’re going to wear in the comments below. 


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Kris L. said...

Since I started late and totally missed Thanksgiving, I decided to put my "big event" Christmas party outfit together today. I put everything on, did the hair, make-up, whole bit and wore it around the house just to see how the shoes would feel, how the hairspray would hold up, whether the shaper slip would stay in place, etc after a couple of hours. I hate to be surprised by my clothes in the middle of an event :)