Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday 30 Day Challenge: Day 1


 Are you ready? On your mark, get set, GO!

I'm getting you ready for the holidays so you'll be primed to hit the new year running. Each day will have a daily challenge to can always do 2-3 challenges at a time if you miss a day or two...but try to keep up!

Today's challenge has 3 parts:
Grab your calender and mark off the challenge days
Nov. 15-Dec. 15

Make a list of all the extra events you'll be attending until the end of the year:
 Thanksgiving (where is it?), Children's school parties, Church party, Mom's outing, etc.
 Write down any activity where you'll likely stress about what you might wear.

Finally, in your journal or on a notebook page, list several things that you like about the way you look. Do NOT list negative things, please be positive about yourself.

Once this is completed, either comment below about one of your challenge pieces or hit the 'like' button (if on the Fashion Meets Faith facebook page) so I know it's completed.
Love you!


Bobbie said...

Thank you for challenge! Really looking forward to it. Going to shut the laptop now and complete the first assignment!!

Michelle Angelique said...

Mission accomplished. :) My challenge outfit is always for nice, casual family get together or event. I need to shop intentionally for a few nice casual winter tops to go with my jeans or slacks.

Anonymous said...

Even though I was signed up to get email last month, the 21st (Day 6 of the challenge) was the first email I have gotten. I will have to play catch up. I enjoyed meeting Shari in Fort Myers at the MOPS meeting! I bought your book and have gotten rid of almost all my black already! Looking forward to this challenge :) Laura

Kris L. said...

Getting started half-way through, but I'll try to catch up. :) Just sat down and filled in everything I have going on in Dec. So glad I did--didn't realize how many days are full with both routine and holiday events (including time for shopping, wrapping, and having coffee with a friend.) I had a dress picked out for the big holiday party, but I hadn't really thought about the rest of it. So nice to think about it ahead of time when your extra busy.