Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Make Up Tips

Some days we love to get dressed up, put on make up and want to look "pretty"... OK many of us.

Some days we would prefer to be a little more low-key.  

One of the 16 point Accessory Points (found in Shari's Book) says that you should be wearing makeup as part of a put together look.

While it is great to have a full face of, eye color, mascara, hint of blush or bronze and lipstick... not everyone can achieve that look on a regular basis OR it is simply not in their comfort zone.

Shari said something that made me feel less pressure to look "perfect" in the makeup realm.  
She said that at a MINIMUM we should have foundation, mascara and a tinted lip gloss.    Really?  I can do that!  

In fact I had to... I was sick shortly after she mentioned it and just didn't feel like doing it all .  Just doing the foundation, mascara and tinted lip gloss helped me relax and jump back into the full face make up routine in no time.

A few notes:
Shari doesn't say that wearing makeup makes you look "perfect"... it is just one thing you can do to look more put together.  At the same time I grew up with a mom (and grandma) who didn't wear makeup... at all.  So at times it feels like having to be perfect, but it is really just losing confidence in what I know, mainly because it is still pretty new to me, not something I grew up with. 

When I feel uncertain about my makeup look and I work to find women who can help me gain that confidence - I love the BareEscentuals ladies at Ulta stores... they are great!  I have stopped at Sephora too and let the woman give me a mini-makeover.  To me these stores are less intimidating than a large department store like Macy's where it feels too white and too open. Honestly wander in and when they ask if they can help you, say yes.

It helps to know your style... are you shopping for an every day look or an evening look?  If you are unsure ask for a "natural day time look that is quick and easy".  

Know what you have at home and your budget.  You may love everything she is putting on you and she will try to sell it to you or make recommendations for other products.  It's great because she can offer advice and most times she uses the products so she knows them very well.  

I have bought everything the woman recommended, I have gotten one item from the makeover and one time I bought nothing because I figured out that what I had at home was good for me.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.  SHE is the person who should not make you feel silly for asking.  Besides... are you going to see her again?  Ask what she is using on your face, what it does, what applicator/brush she is using to apply it and ask to watch how she is putting it on (they usually have mirrors handy)...if you're curious.

A few more notes... wow I didn't realize I had so much to tell you today!

Back to those basics:
Foundation - it helps make your skintone look even and healthy.    It helps cover blemishes, dark spots, red splotches and other inconsistencies on your skinIt comes in a liquid or powder form and you can pick based off of your preference... be sure it is Oil-Free!

Lip Gloss - I love the shimmery tinted lip glosses from Victoria's Secret and I have only bought them on sale, some of it is luck and some of it is stubborn Laura refusing to pay $9 for lip gloss... even if it is worth it.  I like it because I am still working up to "real" lipstick and this is a great option for those ladies who "can't for the life of them figure out how to keep lipstick off their teeth"... like me.

Mascara - Stick with black or brown depending on your DCC.  If you have the "wrong" color mascara right now I wouldn't worry about it, just remember to switch it up when you buy a new one.

Does this help?  How do you feel on the make-up confidence scale?  Do you usually wear the make-up basics?  What is your favorite store/company to get a "mini-makeover"? 

Just a few questions to get started!

 As always I pray this information blesses you and that you have a wonderful week.

~ Laura

 As a sneak peek: This week Shari will be starting a Challenge... Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oooookay - google lost my comment when I tried to post under my google account.

So: how do you keep from having to do a total face redo after lunch when your make up will be on from 6 a.m. or earlier until at least 6 p.m.? I use Bare Essentials exclusively (make up and skin care) and adore it, but even their fine products look tired by 2. I'm not much for fussing, and hate to have to do major repairs during the day.

Any hints?

Trish D said...

I've gone through stages with makeup - wouldn't leave home without it, too exhausted to care (baby mama phase :) - and now doe a minimal approach: tinted moisturizer (with some bare minerals concealer dusted on if I happen to have some nasty red spots that week), waterproof mascara, and lip glaze. I haven't tried the VS line, but adore the Stila line. It goes on a bit sticky, but wears well, plus I have a hard time picking lipcolor shades, and the sheer colors are less intimidating. The small tubes are great to throw in your purse, too:

Anonymous said...

Very good post, thank you. I love experimenting with makeup and wouldn't even go out in my yard without eye shadow, mascara and lip color. My problem is finding a foundation I really like enough to stick with (don't like it heavy). What works great for me is to mix a little liquid foundation in with moisturizer (they sell Oil of Olay like this, alreay mixed). It is subtle, goes on smoothly and pretty much glows.

Libby said...

As a Mary Kay Consultant, it has been interesting to read your post Laura, and all the comments. There are several issues mentioned that I think a MK consultant could take care of for each of you.

1st, a complimentary facial can be done in the privacy of your home with all the personal attention you need.

MK also has wonderful tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that is a great product.

MK has a variety of foundations/powders that can be matched to your skin tone/texture/lifestyle need.

The new Lip Glosses are some of the best you will find - very creamy and gorgeous shades.

When I worked, I applied makeup at 5:30 AM and wore it all day with only a slight lipstick touch up during the day. Wearing the right makeup for YOU can make all the difference in the world. and look at the online catalog as well as other interesting info or look for a consultant near you.

~Brenda said...

I have been wearing makeup since I was a teen and to this day wear it when leaving the house, I feel more confident that way. My makeup comes from Wal-Mart and I buy from the recommendation of Paula Begoun. I buy for my skin type using her ratings of ‘Paula's Pick’ and ‘Very Good’.

Michelle Angelique said...

I am a minimalist when it comes to wearing makeup unless it is a special occassion. I wear MK's powder mineral foundation, a light blush or bronzer from MK also, Maybelline's Volumnous mascara and Avon's lip glosses. I love the mineral makeup because it is light and doesn't make my face break out like all the liquid foundations do (I am allergic to something in the liquids). Even though I don't wear the full Kuboki I still dont leave the house without it. :)

Anonymous said...

Major problem I have is with finding a mascara that I can use. Have tried some waterproof ones since I have a dry eye syndrome and have to put in wetting drops at least 4 times a day. Anything, waterproof or not, seems to rub off by the second drop application at least! Very frustrating for I know as I age (61 now) the eyes look tired without makeup and people say "you look tired today!" Got any ideas or recommendations for my situation? Oh, and some of the mascaras have even given me a headache and feel just too heavy.

Megan C said...

youtube: emilynoel83 has been extremely helpful for me, check her out!

Anonymous said...

Try adding a tiny bit of blush to the minimum three products listed above. It will really help you look a little more alive on those days you don't get enough rest. Have you tried BB Cream? I like it better than foundation.

Also, it would be great to have a post about the 16 points for accessories. Try as I might, I never seem to get past 14. Maybe I am forgetting to count something? I do count my wedding band, decent looking nails, my shoes ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with the 16 point accessories tip.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this reply is too late or not, but to anonymous that is having trouble finding mascara...have you tried Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Technology mascara? I have very small eyes and dry eyes and always have a terrible time with mascara not smudging. This is the best product!! Never any smudging at all. It will not come off until you remove it with hot water.