Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Make Up Product Tips

Hello ladies!

Let's chat about your skin today.  Shari shared these tips with a group that hosted her late in the summer.

Shari's Makeup Tips:

* Cleanse and moisturize every night -> these products MUST be from the same line.  We had discussion about why and what it comes down to is that each company has their own special formula and if you mix a cleanser and a moisturizer you are not getting the benefit of those two formulas... in fact you may be setting yourself up for an allergic reaction that can range from pesky acne to rashes on your beautiful face.

* Cleanse and moisturize EVERY NIGHT... this part really got me... I have trouble being consistent when it comes to the end of the day.  I've had to learn to wash my face when I know that I won't be going out for the rest of the night so I can snooze on the couch and zombie-walk up to bed.  Ladies... let me tell you... my skin is brighter, clearer and less acne prone.  Most of my acne is near my jaw line so changing my pillowcase and washing my face in the morning has helped me too. 

-- The one I picked was L'Oreal's Youth Code.  I have all 5 products, cleanser, day time moisturizer, serum, eye thingy and night time moisturizer.  I use the two moisturizers pretty much every day and the serum and eye cream most days.  I will say that the first week my skin felt strange and it gets a little prickly every so often.  I know that is part of getting used to a new line of products and I was coming from Noxzema or soap for my face.  At the same time when using products for your face remember to trust yourself to know if you are having a more serious reaction to a product, it can happen!

* I like to think that you've created a barrier between you and whatever comes next because your moisturizer protects your skin.

Shari had a few more discussion points...

* Use an oil free eye makeup remover... your eyes are much more sensitive than your daily cleanser is meant for... so get a separate one.  It does NOT need to be the same line as your cleanser and moisturizer.

* Eye Cream - I chose my eye cream to be a part of the same line of products but it does NOT need to be. 

* Make Up - These can be from any line and are truly a preference of whether you prefer creamy foundation or powder foundation.  We will chat more on this soon, but be sure to note that they can be from any line of products and you can feel free to mix and match.

Well ladies... those are the makeup tips for the day.  How often do you wash the world from your skin and is it time to seek out a new cleanser/moisturizer set or are you doing pretty good with yours... what's it called?

~ Laura

Supporting and Contributing Editor


Erika said...

Wow, I really learned so much today. I admit I can be a bit lazy about doing a full regimine. When I get home late I use makeup wipes by the Blum brand. Other times I use Andalou naturals Citrus and Kombucha face wash. I need to buy moisturizer. I can be acne prone/sensitive. :)

Bobbie said...

i splurged on a clarisonic mini. very expensive (but I got mine on QVC and the easy pay made it so much easier) and I LOVE it. It has made a HUGE difference. Its waterproof so I use it in the shower or the tub each night. I see a huge difference in my pores, in how clean my face feels, and my face feels brighter.

I did not realize I should be using the same cleaner/moisturizer and Ive been struggling to find one I like.

I have dry skin and relaly try many different ones. I guess I now need to get serious and nail one down.

KathyH said...

I've had good luck with Paula's Choice Skin balancing cleanser. I love it because it removes my eye makeup, too. This is great because I was rubbing my eyelids raw before I found this using the oil free makeup remover and cotton balls.

For moisturizer I use Avon Mark For Goodness Face. I'm kind of distressed to discover I should be using from the same line of products. Both of these, however, have really helped my face calm down. I never had acne growing up, but it hit me in my 20s and I've struggled with it for 10 years. These two products are aboutt the only thing that helps me.

And amen to the washing your face each day. I struggle being consistent with it, but I can tell when I don't because I start to break out and it takes weeks for it to right itself. So it's definitely worth the effort!

~Brenda said...

I wash my face twice a day and I’m currently using CeraVe cleanser and Olay Complete SPF 30 and Neutrogena Light Night Cream. I have been using Vaseline to remove eye makeup for years. I too was surprised to learn I should be using products from the same brand. After reading your post; I have been doing research and will be buying all new products with the same brand name. Thanks for the info...

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