Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 21 Holiday Challenge

Day 21 Holiday Challenge

I can hardly believe Christmas is next week! You likely have a few parties and get togethers this week, along with church, Christmas Eve services and family gatherings as well as Christmas day itself. Whew…that even makes ME wonder how I’m going to get thru it, let alone worry about what I’m going to wear.

But since it’s important to reflect in our outer appearance our inner beauty, you do need to think about it…and plan for it.
So…get your notebook and head to your closet. PLAN what you will wear to each of the events this week. At the beginning of the challenge I had you list what parties and events you’d be attending this month so you likely have been considering your clothes too. 

Today’s challenge is to WRITE DOWN what you will be wearing. Check your footwear, legwear, jewelry and the garments themselves. Do they need washed or repaired? Do your shoes or boots need polished and if so, do you have the appropriate polish or do you need to put that on your shopping list?
I know this may seem like a tedious thing to do, but it will keep you from stressing at the last minute. 

My sister is hosting our family gathering on Sunday and she has themed it the Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Party…therefore, since I DO NOT have an ugly Christmas sweater (or even a pretty one!) I have to hit a few Goodwill or Thrift stores to find one…and not only for ME, but one for my husband and son…maybe I’ll post pics after the fact!  

 Since it’s Monday, I need to plan a time to shop for those instead of freaking out at the end of the week and running out last minute to find that all the thrift stores have been picked over for this hot item! (And I’ve been told they are going fast…lots of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, huh?)

So, today is planning day for What to Wear to all your parties this week.
Ready, Set, Go!

Love you!!!


Amy O said...

Good luck with the sweaters! I looked at a Thrift store three weeks ago and found nothing in the traditional ugly Christmas sweeter variety. Settled for an eighties- looking sweatshirt and a ridiculous TShirt with a costumed, word-bubbled beagle. Not sweaters, technically, but Christmasy and plenty ugly!

Shari Braendel said...

We might be making our own...adding some Christmas decorations to our own sweaters! Love ya! thanks for the head's up!