Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 24 Holiday Challenge

Day 24 Holiday Challenge

As we grow closer to Christmas I realize you likely don’t have a lot of time for challenges but I do want to encourage you each day to work toward becoming the best YOU possible and sometimes that’s just appreciating who you are and allowing God to soak you with his love and power. So much about beauty begins and ends with our inner self and I often get asked questions about why fashion and faith go together when ultimately it’s an inside job.

Fashion meets Faith the minute you decide what to put on your body each day…the clothes you choose to wear shows the world who you are and what’s going on inside of you. Look at what you have on right now…does it REALLY show others the real you? Or did you just throw on some sloppy sweats and a t-shirt because it was quick and easy? Or perhaps you’re dressed a little over the top dressy and it’s not comfortable to you so that doesn’t really represent you either.

 Make sure you put some care and thought about how you dress each day.

Your challenge today is to wrap your mind around the fact that clothes DO matter. You may be the only Jesus girl that someone meets today. 

 Go look in a full length mirror right now. 

Does your outfit show others that you are a believer? I don’t mean you should wear a cross on your shirt or a Jesus bracelet and earrings, but is your outfit in a color that reflects you best so the emphasis when others look at you directs them to your amazing eyes and smile or might they see your outfit first because it’s in a color that’s not flattering to you? 
When you wear the right colors others will go to your face first, THEN your outfit. How about your cleaveage….is it showing? I hope not. Not even a little bit is okay…NONE please.  How about the length of your skirt…is it appropriate? Are your clothes too tight, or too loose?  Do you need to add a little makeup, comb your hair into a flattering style and polish your chipped nails?

Each day before you leave the house, check your finished look in a mirror and be reminded that you may be the only representative of Jesus that someone meets today.

How do you look? Thoughts?

Love you! Shari


Anonymous said...

How about your cleaveage….is it showing? I see this way too much. It makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what is your opinion of how long a skirt/dress should be?