Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 23 Holiday Challenge

Day 23 Holiday Challenge


That's the best advice I can give you today. But more than that, smile when you don't really feel like it. 

Smile FIRST at someone else while you're out and about...say a simple hello…help someone feel noticed.

Speaking of your smile, how are your teeth doing? 

Do you need to schedule a dentist appointment for after the first of the year? Could your smile need a little brightening too?

I’ve been told by several professionals that Crest Whitestrips are the best and will whiten your smile by several shades. 

Go check the mirror and see if your teeth could use some whitening and brightening. 

Still not sure what you want for Christmas or what you should get your mom, mother in law, daughter, sister or female relative? 

The Fashion Meets Faith Online Class would put a smile on someone’s face, or perhaps your own face!
 Here’s a special for you today: 

Go to and enter the

Promo Code: CHRISTMAS and get the class for $99 instead of $149…that’s a $50 savings! 

The promo ends Christmas Eve.  

 The five week online class begins Monday, January 14th.

 Join us and SMILE while we make you over in January!

love you, 

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