Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 28 Holiday Challenge

Day 28 Holiday Challenge

We spend a good amount of time at home, so it’s only right to look at your wardrobe and make sure what you’re wearing around the house is good and proper!

Whether you’re home most of the time during the week OR you are at home only in the evenings after work, etc, take care that what you’re wearing around your family while at home is decent. That means, not ratty, not torn, not immodest and also that you wear a bra. I say that because my tendency is to go pretty casual and I’d rather go without that darn thing BUT I have a teenage son at home and find lots of his friends here on a regular basis too. I opt for yoga pants and tunic-like tops (in my color of course!) but I also wear a sports bra (actually it’s called the Genie Bra, check it out, it’s awesome!) and this does the trick under my comfy clothes.

Next,  inventory your “around the house” clothes and make sure you have the correct garments. Do you need anything? Should you throw some things away and get new and add to yesterday’s ‘give away’ pile?

Please look pretty while hanging at home too. It’s important to you AND those around you.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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