Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 30 Challenge

Day 30 Holiday Challenge: FINAL DAY!

I loved being with you during this challenge and hope you found it worthwhile. Remember that God didn’t make a mistake with you…you are beautiful and worthy even if you’re not in the body you think you should have…or are the age you wish you were.

 I read in my Women’s Devotional  the following story:

“I used to be cute, but now I feel invisible”, said the 50-something lady as she laughed nervously, but her eyes glistened with tears. A 30-something woman expressed the same feelings, saying, “When I was in my 20’s, I turned a few heads, but now, hey, I’m a mom of four. What do I expect?” Both women are attractive…some might even say they’re beautiful. But they each struggle with their self-image because our culture is not kind to aging women. Physical beauty and glamorized sexuality are prized above character and inner loveliness. God’s view-the Biblical view-of growing older makes the world’s view of beauty seem silly and nonsensical. 

I believe that true beauty does come from inner beauty…and sometimes it takes very tough mental discipline to remind ourselves of that. But I’ve seen first-hand that when you have confidence in your outer appearance, your inner beauty shines through in a brighter, stronger way because how you  dress shows the world what’s going on, on the inside of you. Show me a woman in a mini skirt and low cut top revealing most of her bosom and I’ll show you a woman who’s insecure with herself. She may not admit it, but typically the shorter the skirt, the lower the self-esteem.

So gals, on a last note, today’s challenge is to look forward to this brand new year. Write down a few goals about what you need to do to improve your self-image…perhaps you need to get up each day and get fully dressed to greet the world instead of living in sweats and tees all day, or maybe you need to shop more on purpose than on impulse. 
Maybe for you, it’s doing a Biblical study to see what God has to say about beauty. Perhaps you should join us for the 5 week online class that begins January 14th and gain knowledge on Fashion AND Faith…it’s been a huge help to many already. 

Whatever it is, I’d love to hear what you plan on doing this new year to help YOU be the best YOU possible…so you can represent Jesus well.

Thank you so much for joining me in the challenge!

Love you…Shari


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shari for the challenge! I found the part about planning your outfit before you need it really helpful! :) Usually I don't plan my outfit.. just grab something and go.
Thank you!!!

Libby said...

Shari, this is exactly the whole premise of my blog, Beauty Without Within, and presentations. Thank you for this confirmation. Please send me more info to the 5 week online class.

Shari Braendel said...

Libby, you can find info at You may also want to consider becoming a certified Christian Image Consultant...if you will send me your email address I'll get you on the informational emails I send out...the next class is June. love ya!