Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring Fashions - The Beginning

Hi ladies!

It's time to start thinking about Spring Trends!  

Let's take a look at trends that you can most definitely keep from the Fall.

Metallic Prints are still In!

The Shift Dress got Sportier

Mod Modern is in and SO awesome!

Color Blocking and Color Banding took on a whole new life this Spring Season

These are what came from the Fall... do you see any more?

Try going to GOOGLE and type in Spring 2013 Fashion Trends.

I loved looking at the Designer Looks here as well:  

What do you think?  What trends do you see that you would wear?  

Which trends would you like featured in a future "What to Wear Wednesdays"?

Stay tuned for more tips on Spring Fashions!


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Anonymous said...

This Harper's Bazaar site was fun to look at. I guess I can see what colors will be popular, but I am a classic dresser and work in an office, and they would probably take me aside and ask me to rethink my fashion choices if I wore much of any of this to work! Just doesn't fit my lifestle at all. A few things I liked were the tunics and crops. Those looked classy. I would love to know what trends are in a more practical sense. Colors, styles, etc., for both work and casual wear. What is on the runway just isn't indicative of my lifestyle, though lots of fun to look at. Those women can't possibly eat! : ) Karen