Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring Fashion... International Prints

While preparing for Christian Fashion Week that starts on Friday night I am hoping to give you a countdown to the fashions that were shown at New York Fashion week... and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.  

The next 5 days we will take a journey from the very "out there" looks and bring them home so you can look beautiful and put together.

Starting with the International Prints and Styles...

These New York Fashion Week fashions were taken from Harper's Bazaar.

The next fashions are from Belk, Lane Bryant and kikaPaprika.  

*Crossing my fingers* I hope this shows several options for all body shapes, sizes and all ladies who read this can find an age appropriate option.  

Be inspired!

When choosing your prints remember it is all about your Star Style... look here.

If you do not know your Dominant Color Characteristic please go here!

Don't mind the model's hair, eyes and skin color... they did not have Shari as their stylist so look at their printed top colors.  You swatches will be very helpful when choosing your Spring Fashions!







Alright Ladies... the countdown continues tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This is great Laura! Thanks for the post. Naturally it is more practical, although I LOVE that first Harper's Bazaar outfit and would wear that! I might be alone here, but I'm glad to see the prints moving away from the 60's- style abstracts that have been popular for more than a few years. You were right, something for everyone here!! Karen

Daisha said...

I love the colors and styles of the last two blouses.