Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fun in 5 Minutes

Hi Ladies! 
Laura here, reporting on some great products I have been using and wanted to share with you I want to share with you!

In no particular order...

Almay Eye kits... They are available for all eye colors.   This "paint by number" kit is great for an every day or an evening look.  The case itself shows where the eye shadow goes and viola!  You are good to go!

As a hazel eyed beauty I have also opted to purchase a L'Oreal eye color kit for the green eyed ladies, it makes the green in my eyes pop.  I found this kit at a big discount at Ulta in the clearance aisle... I had to dig so don't be shy!

I have a confession.  I have had a habit of biting my nails for a very long time.

This product has helped me keep my nails looking good.  I have not broken the habit, even after 6 straight months of this product, however, as long as I remembered to put this on I had good looking nails.   It appears as a matte finish and can be found at CVS.

Because my natural nails looked great I was able to try out the Shellac nail color.  It is supposed to last 2 weeks... and it did!  My cuticles needed some maintenance after 2 weeks, but the color stayed beautiful!  The manicure ran me $30-40 but it was worth having the nice looking nails for 2 weeks.

On a whim I found this great lip color product, CoverGirl Outlast.  It is a two part system where I put on the lip color to dry lips and let it stand 2 minutes.  I then nourish my lips with the "chapstick" type lip gloss.  I now have two colors of this lipstick, one for evening and one for day time.  My day time look is very close to my natural lip color only a little pinker (and more even) and my evening color is a dark berry color (not suitable for working with a bunch of guys).  It makes my lips dry but it is worth it to me to just carry around chap stick instead of dealing with lipstick throughout the day.

I love the CoverGirl lip color but as I mentioned it dries out my lips so I use the Satin Lips from Mary Kay.  Exfoliation for my lips and a sweet balm to nourish them.
Alright ladies...those are my 5 tips in 5 minutes.

Let me know if you use any of these products or similar products!  We love great tips to try out!

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Bobbie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Covergirl outlast lip color. Its shocking just how long it stays on but I agree about making your lips so very dry. I have to put the little lip gloss it comes with on top of the color many times a day, but it is shoking how long the lipstick lasts. Reminds me I want more colors!!