Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Lioness and the Lamb

In the Midwest, kids are taught that March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb.

The Lioness and the Lamb

When we think of Lions we think of commanding, ferocious, unblinking and unyielding.  They say look at me. 

When we think of Lambs we think, soft, soothing, young inexperienced, meek and bashful.

In Christian fashion we want to walk the line between these opposites. 

In fashion we do not want to be lionesses --- commanding (revealing), ferocious (immodest), unblinking (slutty) or unyielding (disrespectful).  
We also do not want to be lambs --- soft (frumpy yet comfy), soothing (no-waist), inexperienced (no-makeup), meek (hidden in the wrong colors), or bashful (hidden in the extra clothing).

We want to be right in the middle

Where natural makeup meets shapely attire. 

Where comfortable becomes powerful yet polite.

Where hem lengths kiss knees and sizes are spot on.

Like the tug of war in the seasons we also find ourselves in the tug of war in our fashions.  We need to show off as a lioness with her majestic and regal attributes and to appear as a lamb who is approachable and kind.
What does your Fashion say about you today?
                                                             What other ways have you heard about Lions and Lambs?

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~Brenda said...

Laura, we have the same saying about March here on the east coast. I like your analogy of the lions and the lambs according to fashion. I’ve learned so much from reading Shari’s blog and book. I feel as though I am doing all the right things with fashion and I feel great!