Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Drab to Fab...

Hi Ladies!  It is starting to look sunnier outside!  Yea!!!

Today's post comes from a Pinterest pin that I found on a friend's board.  If you don't know the lingo for Pinterest then it's ok... it might be better for you anyways since it IS a little addicting!

I found this Pin from a mom/grandma/seamstress who is in her late 50's... she liked the idea of re-purposing Goodwill type clothing.

The Pinterest topic was showing how you (not me, the sewing inept) can turn a bargain bin piece into a great outfit.

Here is one example of a drab outfit that was made into a fab dress.  Click here to see the ReFashionista post.

I have a question for you though... did you realize that both pictures have the same woman?  That cute spunky young woman on the right is the same woman on the left?

Does the woman on the left look young?  Modern? Do you want to hang out with her?  OR does she look frumpy and old?

Now you don't need to look like a 20-something fashionista who re-creates the latest fashions... but taking a look at what your fashions say about you is a definite way to look and feel younger.

A few things to remember when picking out an outfit.
* Does it fit properly?  Is it too baggy or does it pull?
* Is it in your color pallet?
* Is your chin up and is there a smile of confidence on your face?

If your outfit isn't this awesome then give it to someone who will be able to give it the love it deserves!

A little more info...

Jillian is a master at her craft and that she is helping women in need with her newest fashions by donating the sale of the garments to a local women's shelter. If you plan to visit ReFashionista's website be aware that Jillian shares her re-fashion steps as well as her personal life including social gatherings that toast to her accomplishments.  We hope her site shows you not only how to re-fashion looks but also which looks are great and which looks need a makeover.

What in your closet could use a re-fashionista touch?  Let us know!

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~Brenda said...

Wow, I didn't know it was the same women in both pictures! She is amazing with repurposing clothing and a sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

She has a real gift! Love what she's done to recreate flattering fashions for herself out of bargain pieces!

Currently living in my closet is a new dress, purple which is one of my colors, and it is too long to look good. I got it through a catalog and didn't try it on first! Love the style, but the length is frumpy for sure. I have been making my own clothes since I was 12, so I can sew, but I'm not tackling this one due to the fabric. I am going to have it altered so I can start wearing it. It will definitely be one of these 'frumpy to fabulous' makeovers! Karen