Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shari says flats are IN but only if...

Flats.. they are feet snuggly and allow your tootsies a quick escape when the beach or the backyard beckons… but sometimes they are unexciting and just plain drab.

So how do you know which styles to choose?

Let’s start with you Fashion Personality.    

If you like a little quirky, slightly hip with a touch of vintage, and you don’t mind some of the “off the wall” fashions… you might be a Creative Original.

As a Creative Original….Your flats should be the same… quirky, vintage/hip and slightly off the wall.  They could be Minnie Mouse or kittens or paisley or artsy.

If you like classic looks dressed up to current fashions you are likely a Classic Modern.  Keep your styles straight forward with a bow, sparkle, or a ruffle.  Adding a plain shoe in a bright color is fabulous too!
If your style is bling, fashion forward, prints and accessorizing then you may be a Style Fashionista.  Keep your styles on trend and enjoy accessorizing your shoes.  

If your family is happy that you are wearing shoes to a backyard barbecue then you may be our dear Pure Natural.  Go for a simple style that makes you smile... denim, black and white do not count... be bold!

This is just a start for your every day, wear more than once pairs of flats.  If you are a Fashionista who thinks that Minnie Mouse is awesome for a niece’s 3rd birthday party… then by all means… go for it! 

There is nothing stopping you from wearing something fashionable, fun AND comfortable this Spring.  

Wear your flats with jeans, dresses, work outfits, or even yoga pants... they are versatile and can make you feel like super woman... well at the very least you might be able to run in them (I can hear Shari cringe but that is why I love my flats!... they are feet friendly).

Which flats would you wear?  Where are you going and what are you wearing with them... imaginative outings are fair game in the comments... we all love to dream a little don't we?
Love ya gals!

Now for the eye candy!  You hopefully can find some inspiration from these outfits!
Can’t find enough flat ideas?   Try Polyvore where these fashions came from.


Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

So enjoyed viewing those chic but comfy combinations. Very classy and trendy.

~Brenda said...

I too enjoyed the fashions you posted. This spring I'm looking for a pair of slingback flats.

Laura said...

My feet don't think ballet flats are comfortable at all! I have flat feet that have to have some arch support in the shoe or else they get sore really fast. I think all these colorful ballet flats are cute, but whenever I try them on, I am uncomfortable right away. The shoes I wear as "flats" because they are comfortable and practical are my black clogs. They provide good support for my feet, and are actually great in wet fall or spring weather because the sole is so thick I can go through an inch deep puddle without getting my feet wet. Of course they aren't as cute as ballet flats. But my feet are happier at the end of the day.

Candi said...

I love some of these outfits, but I have a hard time finding what stores to go to for similar ideas (in store or online). What stores would carry similar outfits to these?

Pam said...

I love all those outfit combinations you shared. I especially love the ones putting the different shades of green and gray together - LOVE, LOVE!

Laura Gutknecht said...

Candi. All of these outfits are online at Polyvore.

If I liked one of the looks I would pick a few of my favorite local stores and type in "jacket" and see if any styles looked similar. I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

What flat colors can a clear wear?

Pam said...

Flats are great if they have support, otherwise they just hurt my feet. Also when you have a EEE size 8 w/ high arches you don't find any cute shoes without a LOT of searching. Definitely don't have any ballet fats in extra wide widths. Unfortunately that means no heels either. The only comfy shoes I have found are athletics. Also none of the outfits will work for me either. When you are shaped like a barrel it is very hard to find outfits that work. Jeans are always way too low-waisted and slide down constantly. Belts look horrible too. I hate the scarf trend, cause they make me too hot. I usually have to shop in the maternity section for tops to fit right. People always ask me when I'm due to give birth, so why not.

Blessed Memories Photography said...

Hi Shari! I have a question for you...What should I wear in replacement if I can't wear flats? I have looked EVERYWHERE for years and unfortunately, flats and my feet don't get along. What happens when I try them on is that my foot "pillows" big time over the top edge (near the toes) and this either hurts or looks absolutely awful. I just love flats - help! :)