Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beauty Truth

So several weeks ago I ran out of my day-time moisturizer...
I thought OK no problem I will use my night-time one since my skin IS kinda dry anyways.

Well it took me weeks to just purchase my day-time one again... I kept forgetting to grab it while out running errands. I use L'Oreal Youth Code that is even at the grocery store so I really have no excuses.

I'm back to my regular moisturizer schedule now and picked up an older magazine this weekend... What did All You Magazine April 2012 have to say?

It told me that night time moisturizers are thicker and won't let makeup "stick" because they are so thick.

Doh!  It was like a flashback to several weeks ago... my phone screen was getting gunky from my foundation, I would blow my nose and make up would come off in my tissue, and I couldn't quite figure it out.

Ever just have a "smack yourself in the head"  moment?  That was one of mine for the week.

But while we are on the topic here are a few tips...

1) Wash your face every night (especially if you were glowing from the heat during the day).

2) Use a moisturizer to help keep your skin soft (it should be the same brand as your face wash - no soap please!)

3) In the morning use a day-time moisturizer with SPF (I usually get pink from the sun when it is cloudy outside so having a moisturizer on your face to start your day will help you prevent any sunburn or sun damage).

4) Remember that you are most beautiful with a smile.

Have a great summer day ladies!

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~Brenda said...

Laura, a few years back, I did the same thing; used my nighttime moisturizer during the day under foundation! I goggled my problem and have learned my lesson! LOL