Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hanging up the Bikini...

My grandpa has a beach house on Lake Huron and so does my uncle.  My husband and I usually stay for a weekend and enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in the (frigid) water and helping out around the houses.

If I am honest I will say that only in the last few years I have started feeling really uncomfortable running around in my only two swimsuits I had left... my bikini's.  

I usually covered up with shorts and a tank top shortly after getting out of the water or I would borrow a pair of board shorts from my hubbie.  But overall I was covering up instead of looking for a swimsuit  that fit me and was less revealing.

This year I found a tankini for my slight B-body type to be "fluffier" at times and my skirt (that covers my butt very well) lets me move around without feeling the need to cover up right away.

This picture is closest to my new tankini.  Mine does not require the straps to stay up and the bustline goes a little higher too.  Mine is white with a blue flowery/artsy print.  Remember prints minimize trouble areas and maximize your curves!

This top is a great option for younger girls and those who are less busty.

Doesn't she look fabulous?  She is NOT a size 2 yet she looks pulled together and BEAUTIFUL!

This simple swimsuit shows a classic top that would look great on many body styles.  It also shows a beautiful woman who is not overshadowed by her (lack of) clothing.

Now looking at this very slim beauty... it is hard to look her and think that she looks beautiful because I'm wondering where the rest of her swim suit is... if you still have your bikinis I have a question for you... are you ready to hang up your bikini too?

What is the hardest part of finding a new swimsuit?  

Love you ladies!

Christian Image Consultant

P.S.  I said to only hang up your bikini's... but don't forget that Christian women are allowed to privately show their husband their beauty in ways that might include that sassy swimsuit that is no longer beach attire.  Be bold and beautiful my dears!


skyesthelimit53 said...

Well Laura, after looking at the first group of swimsuits, when you scroll down to the one of the bikini, even on a stick thin model, it is kind of unnerving. Like you said, where is the rest of the suit? Yet we see this so often on the beach. And on people who really should reconsider this look (everyone?) Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it, you know? I am very much into tankinis myself (for years now) because they are forgiving and flattering, not to mention the degree of modesty they impart. Prior to that, it was tank suits, which I still wear. I hung up the bikini after a visit to a local pool with my kids and ran into a man from church. If you need a reason to toss that thing away, this will do it! My face still gets red thinking about that. I agree with you about the prints. They can be very subtle and yet hide anything you might be concerned about on a particular day. I am very much a beach person and whoever thought up tankinis is a genius!

Tammy said...

I was just talking to somebody today about this issue-last year I was convicted about modest swimwear- and I actually ordered patterns from an etsy shop and make them for my girls. She is so reasonable and the 2 piece suits are easy to make. (She's on vacation this month--but she makes suits for a reasonable price as well.

Abby said...

Really dislike clothing options this time of year. How bad is it to shop in the men's department? I found a pair of men's swimming trunks and a tankini that kind of matches...husband hates me wearing men's clothes, but women's clothing leaves something to be desired.

Katy-Anne said...

I have to laugh that people really think a couple extra inches covering the belly really matters when all of your legs and arms and everything else are exposed anyway. If bikinis are immodest, then so are other bathing suits.

jacque said...

Actually Katy-Anne those couple of extra inches do matter. Our mind is wired to fill in the blanks...or maybe the not so blanks. Let's help our male counterparts at the pool/beach and cover up!

Katy-Anne said...

Men are responsible for their own thoughts, period. One of the fruits of the spirit is self-control. When I was raped I had been fully dressed modestly in a school uniform. I grew up fundamentalist with all these strict modesty rules. Most men I know aren't bothered by women in bikinis or other things I used to be told were immodest because they weren't taught they had to be. My boys aren't being taught that women who are wearing less than they might like are not worthy of respect or are slutty or that they should be turned on. The guys I know that were never taught this modesty rhetoric don't think the way that is being claimed here.

Laura Gutknecht said...

Sky's the limit...I could kiss the inventor of the tankini!

Tammy...thank you for sharing! I love finding new places for suits.

As far as modesty goes...Today I feel that a bikini looks like a bra and panties walking around but it has been a long, slow journey to feel that way.

When I met Shari a few years ago I didn't think that a bikini was immodest. I think what really helped me change this viewpoint was last years swimsuit season. I was helping guys in my family work on an outdoor project before I went into the house to change and I ended up in an embarrassing position where I was leaning over holding something to the ground and the guys were working around just felt like I was showing off too much skin overall and I wanted my top to be taller, my bottoms to be longer and not feel so exposed in general. It wasn't because of any bad was just not a flattering situation I didn't want to repeat.

I do agree that some men are just evil and that most men were raised by good mommas who taught them to respect women.

I appreciate your comments and I hope you enjoy our next few posts as well!

Supporting Editor of FashionMeetsFaith

Katy-Anne said...

Laura, my question would be, how do a couple extra inches of fabric really make that much of a difference? I mean they can still see ALL of your legs and swimsuits are a tight fit so they can see ALL your curves and every detail of your body whether it has fabric on it or not. This is coming from someone who used to wear swimnsuits that had an attached knee length skirt and t-shirt made out of the swimsuit material. Either swimsuits in general are immodest, or they aren't.

Tammy said...

Katy-Anne--personally I agree with you and that is why I make mine--I make the shorts to come to the knees (most of the time:) ). But it is a personal conviction, and I realize that terrible things could still happen and that men could still sin with their eyes. For me, it was a modesty issue--i can only try to do what I believe is right for us, and everybody else has to do what they think God wants them to do. My girls take swimming lessons, so they have to wear suits they can swim in, but I wanted more of them covered than even the most modest one-piece you can find in the typical store, without wearing some dress that's all bunchy to swim in.

Laura Gutknecht said...

Shari shared a link on Facebook this afternoon. I think it helps sure to read the full article.

Lynda Lou said...

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Its hard to find longer swim shorts for ladies these days. I have 2 little ones to chase around...

Rachel Beran said...

Check out Jessica Rey's modst swimsuits!

Elizabeth Day said...

The hardest part of buying a new swimsuit? Looking at myself in the dressing room mirror!

Abby said...

Great options Lynda Lou! Thank you!