Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You look great!

Have you ever noticed that it is easiest to accept a compliment when someone just tells you that you rock? 

Laura:  “You Rock!”

You:  “Why Thank you!”

See?  Easy!  Give compliments where Thank you is the immediate reaction and when you sit back and let them soak in the compliment you might get a great conversation going! 

Ok that would have been a very short post had I stopped there.    

The REASON I had this idea was because my mom and sister FINALLY let me style them.  They got all sorts of compliments like “did your mom lose weight” or “did your sister do something different with her hair”… people couldn't quite put their finger on WHY they looked fabulous… but in all honesty… just tell them that they look beautiful.

Here are a few ways my mom and sister were able to look absolutely beautiful…in no particular order…

* They accessorized… are you wearing enough accessories?  Just a few accessories like necklaces, shiny bracelets and earrings make a world of difference when you are going for a put together look.

* They wore makeup… this is one thing that does not happen that often in my mom’s world… wearing a simple foundation with a little eye shadow, blush and mascara goes a LONG way!

* The dresses that they wore had a print that minimized their curves.  Both my mom and my sister are tall enough to be “Rock Stars” so their dresses had prints that were on the larger side… it made them look like they had smooth curves, smaller waists and when a dress fits right… it looks amazing!

 * AND They let me take them shopping for shape wear!  The other reason why their dresses looked great was because the shapers they purchased pulled them in and minimized their “fluffy” areas. 
We honestly went to Sears. 

My sister is a D/B Body Type... most of her weight is in her Derriere and some in her Belly. She liked the "bicycle shorts" type of shaper.  She also found this tank top type shaper that she could help control her "fluff" with jeans, pants, etc.

Mom is a B Body Type – she holds her weight in her belly.  Mom got two shapers… one to wear with a funky topped dress (this shaper pulls on like didn't like the bicycle shorts type... she couldn't get them on without falling over.)  The other shaper is just like a tank top with suction.

The four shapers are very similar in what they do... BUT it all depends on how YOU feel in them.  Just go out and take a girlfriend (or a sense of humor) and try some on.  I went with sister and mom in different trips and our mission was to get a dress.  We found them each 2 dresses and 2 shapers in about an hour.

Both mom and sister felt great and looked amazing... their smiling faces made them look beautiful which prompted comments from family and friends.

What can YOU do to upgrade your look?  What is keeping you from looking?  Any compliments you've received lately that were memorable?

I hope you ladies are doing well!

Love ya!


Skyesthelimit53 said...

I agree that accessories can completely change the look of an outfit. I try to follow the rule of numbers from Shari's book! Makeup: definitely! I personally make sure I have eye makeup and a light foundation (lotion/color combo) every day. And sunscreen! I upgraded by going back to my natural hair color awhile ago and got a ton of compliments (was trying to be a blond for years and it wasn't me!) And speaking of compliments, it takes practice to just say 'thank you!', I think. Why are we so quick to put ourselves down or turn aside a compliment??

Laura Gutknecht said...

The 16 Point Accessory Rule is great!

I love Shari's book... it's a lifesaver!

As far as compliments... I think it's hard when someone asks you if you lost weight (and you didn' fact the doc said to lose 10lbs and you want to but are busy.... etc). It's hard to say thank you when your mind is racing on all the stuff you "should" be doing.

In today's world I think we forget that less is more. We don't have to know WHY someone looks good or has a glow about them... we should just tell them we love them and they look great. As someone who compliments another person we need to give grace to allow the person a chance to answer us in a way that doesn't require tough did you lose weight, did you change your hair, is that dress new. As simple as those questions can seem they sometimes carry a lot of baggage. Instead say you look so skinny today...look at that waist! Your hair looks great. That dress looks beautiful on you... great color, style, etc. The woman does not need to respond with when they got their hair cut or if they lost the weight...the best response is "Thank You... and they get to tell the story they want to tell you... maybe it's a bargain dress or it's vintage."

The last few weeks have shown me that less is more. Complimenting someone for looking beautiful today while taking a step back and admiring them is so much more genuine of a compliment.

It also extends into regular life too... the general greeting is "how are you?". People aren't really asking how we are... it's usually just a greeting with a question mark on the end. Instead I started saying "Good Morning" and I've been able to see a change in people when they don't feel like they have to have an answer to a rhetorical question.

At the end of the day we need to remember that someone who attempts a compliment is trying to start a conversation and God gives us grace so we can smile and understand their true intention.

s said...

GREAT points Laura! Lots to ponder and put into practice!

~Brenda said...

I'm sure you had fun shopping with and helping your sister and mom! I enjoy complimenting other women; I hope it's an encouragement to them.