Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Hi Ladies!

It's Laura.... I hope you had a beautiful 4th of July weekend and you were able to spend it with people you love.

A year ago I had this inkling to jump into blogging to help someone who inspires me... I never imagined where the journey would take me in just one year!

Here is how my year has gone both personally and on Fashion Meets Faith

* I went on a yearly family vacation to northern Wisconsin with my husband's family at the end of July and found that Fashion and Faith were two of my passions.  I brought lots of books for inspiration for a church retreat and found after hours of pouring into those books that at the end of the day women need to hear that they are beautiful... so I scratched the formal retreat ideas and got started on things that inspired me.

* I met up with Shari and a few other AMAZING women in Indianapolis, IN.  Honestly ladies... if you can get a small group of women together, enough to fill a medium sized meeting room... send Shari a note.  It. WILL. Change. Your. Life.  That mini-retreat was the idea of a small church and they simply asked how to get Shari out there.  

* I struggled personally with hormone and adrenal issues (superwoman lost her powers of energy).  I struggled with harassment at work and ultimately changed jobs.  I lost my dad this year and am finding that my legacy is to connect people with ideas, processes and people that inspire them to be amazing.

* I led a retreat of 35 church women and found that God truly blessed me with a gift of helping women realize their true potential by showing them that the woman in the mirror is beautiful.  Seeing women hold themselves differently, confidently and seeing them smile has been a true blessing.  

* I blogged about closet challenges, body shapes, colors, accessories and about how to look and feel put together.  

* I connected with readers from around the country and met a few at Christian Fashion Week... I still cannot believe that I sat first row at a fashion show... a huge leap for a self-proclaimed nerdy tomboy.  

So what does the next year hold?  Well Shari and I wanted to ask you...  Would you help us develop what's next on Fashion Meets Faith?  We would love if you would take some time to tell us what you want to see, how we can make this page better and what you wish we did more of. It is an opportunity for you to tell us if there is something you see that you think we could do for our readers.... be bold and let us know!  We are all ears.

Here is the survey.

Or you can email

One more note.... this year we hope to add more guest bloggers so I will be adding my last name to posts... it's Gutknecht (yes it is long and people usually say "God Bless You"... it is pronounced Goot (like boot) - Nick... at least that is how the American's say it... the German's say every consonant)

Thank you for sharing this year with me.  I plan to stick around for a few more... care to stay with me?


Laura Gutknecht
Christian Image Consultant
Supporting Editor of


Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Before I take the survey - I just want to say that it sounds like a wonderful thing to do and I will be looking forward to seeing it!

~Brenda said...

Wow, Laura, you’ve had some life-changing events this past year. From what you’ve written I can tell you have come through this a stronger and wiser woman! Thanks for sharing this with us and explaining how to pronounce your last name. P.S. I will answer the survey