Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Whole Elephant...

Ever hear the expression... "How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time."

I think I ate the whole elephant and I honestly am too excited to write a post about just one thing tonight...

Here is why...

1) You ladies wrote some AWESOME things in the survey.  If you didn't take it please join in the fun!...

You talked about having local consultants, more books, more posts, guest bloggers, more pictures... body shape, colors, more expensive clothing, less expensive recommendations... full outfits, full closet makeovers... 

It is SO exciting to see that you are as passionate as I am about all of these things and your comments are showing us that our hearts are in the right direction even though there are only two of us blogging, Facebooking and sharing on social media.  You give us the encouragement to keep growing!

2) You are SO beautiful!  Honestly I have put myself as Shari's side kick, behind the scenes blogger, and it is Shari's success that gives me the privilege to support this amazing group of women... thank you SO much for the compliments and the personal emails.  

I've never felt more awesomely loved yet so willing to be the best "roadie" to Fashion Meets Faith's next steps.  Thank you for my own spotlight for those very precious moments.

3)  OK... so you probably want some Fashion-y stuff don't cha?

Okie dokie!  I will try to keep it to one topic a way I only know how... with honesty and complete truth.

The Pantone Colors are sort of the "bible" when it comes to colors in the Fashion Industry. 
(note:  this is coming from Laura who has stumbled into this site, looked at it like a deer in headlights, and who promptly clicked the "close" button for the last 12 trips to this website... Shari will have a different perspective.)

Anyways according to wikipedia the Pantone colors are chosen by elite fashionistas from around the globe.  They are based in New Jersey, not far from New York City.  They decide the best colors of the year and are the leading expert in color trends around the world.

Ok so what does that mean to you?  It means that this is where most of the designers get their inspiration and they want to make sure they create collections that are on trend or compliment the trend colors.  These are the colors you will see at the mall when looking around.  They show up in accessories like handbags and shoes and even show up as makeup trends (when they maybe shouldn't... last years top color was tangerine!)

In the next few weeks we will take the colors from the Pantone and share with you how YOU can wear them with your regular styles at home.

While I gather the information and then have Shari check my work (I need her to make sure I translated "fashionista" correctly).  I have a few homework assignments for you too!

The homework...

a) Find your DCC.  Soft, Light, Warm, Cool, Deep, Clear.

b) Get your swatches handy, if you don't have a set then grab one here.

c) Take a peek at the Pantone website.  This particular page shows the inspiration for styles this season.  The people are from the fashion industry.  If you don't know a person, if you don't know a term then take a risk and google it to see what it means or what that person is famous for... trust me... I know from my experience that it is scary to dip my toe into the fashion world so don't worry I will be here to bring you back to the modest, "normal" world that we love here at!

Until next time stay beautiful!


Laura Gutknecht
Christian Image Consultant
Supporting Editor of


skyesthelimit53 said...

I have been to the Pantone website on occasion to see the upcoming colors for new seasons. I really like the Fall 2013 colors they show. I think that the important thing is to keep in mind that as individuals, we can't wear them all. We have to go with our own "colors" and what will look best with our skin tone, hair color, etc. (the DCC theory). It is always helpful to know what's 'out there' though. I see the upcoming fall colors they show and think a couple sweaters would bring them into my basic wardrobe, or scarves that bring in these colors, etc. Rather than feel overwhlemed, I strive to keep in mind my style personality and work around that. I am a classic dresser and if I stick to quality basics, adding an occasional trendy piece that I find on sale, pretty much means I don't have to spend a ton of money each season to "keep up." Having too many choices can be very overwhelming and I don't have time to be overwhelmed! I think we have to know what looks good on us and what makes us feel comfortable with what we have on. Good post!

~Brenda said...

Laura, I'm a warm and have my color swatches; will look at the Pantone website soon. Enjoyed this post!