Thursday, August 1, 2013

Emerald - Day 2

Thanks for coming back to join us mid-week!

Yesterday I left off with a question: What if Emerald is just the starting point?

What if Green is the color of the year?   How would you add it to your wardrobe?  How can you be “trendy” without following unflattering trends?  What if you added the Color of the Year for the next 10 years… what would your closet look like?

Ok… first question.  Let’s call the color of the year Green.

How do you add green to your wardrobe?

If you have the basic neutrals (remember Navy is THE all-time best)… Black, Navy, Grey, Tan, Cream and White… with ALL of their various hues. 

If you have neutrals you can add Green to any outfit.    PICTURES

  • ·         Add a Green Jacket to your wardrobe
  • ·         Pick up a Green set of flats, heels or running shoes
  • ·         Grab some Green accessories, gem stone earrings, bracelets or necklaces
  • ·         Find a great Green purse

Here are a few webpages to look at for Emerald Ideas:  To find more ideas go to Google... type in Pantone Emerald 2013 and look at Images... you will see lots of ideas!

This is where the swatches really start becoming useful.  Shari’s swatches will show you which colors are best for these “pop” color accents to your wardrobe.  The small investment now can help you save on getting pieces that don’t quite work for your coloring. 

Back to the questions:  So in order to be “trendy” with Green accents you will need to pick up a few and wear them.  If the color is great on you, you will be noticed as a beautiful, put together woman who understands how to best present herself… which is WAY more fun than attempting trends not meant for “normal” women.

So this is a question for you ladies… If you added a color every year for the next 10 years what would your closet look like?  How would it be different from your closet today?

For me?  Most of the green in my closet is Green Bay Packer fan-wear.  I have a few green tops and now thinking about it… they are a really nice addition to my regular outfits.  I think that getting a few more under jacket shirts might be on my shopping list next time around.
I hope this adventure into the Pantone was a great experience for you and helped you step out of your “normal”… it did for me!

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Thanks for joining us for a Green week! 

Laura Gutknecht
Certified Christian Image Consultant
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Anonymous said...

loving the green conversation as green is my favorite color and I totally predicted it as the Pantone color of the year, based on some of their 2013 predictions, and the fashion and home decor trends I was spotting! Yeah, me!
ANYway, I went out right away and got an emerald green wrap and a nearly-emerald green cardigan.
I have a few green home accents but usually tend more toward sage or forest.
I love green, but don't wear it much. As a Clear, I'm still learning my best green shades!
Keep the good info coming! :)

skyesthelimit53 said...

If I added the color of the year for the next 10 years, my closet would look like a bed of zinnias. I am a classic modern dresser and do very well with the neutrals, with pop colors mixed in. Also, I know myself well enough to know that those 10 years of 'color of the year' clothes would not be in my closet after more than a year or two. It would make me nervous to have a closet full of 10 colors of the year. I like to pull out the neutrals, throw on a pop color in accessories or a shirt/blouse and be on my way. Reading through the comments, I have to say I would definitely buy an emerald bag, but it would have to be on sale. Whenever I do trends, they have to be on sale because I don't hang on to them. Investment pieces for me are the neutrals that never, ever go out of style.

~Brenda said...

I'm not the of the nature to have too much of a certain color as I have variety of colors in my closet and enjoy using my color swatches. I like to add pieces of jewelry to my wardrobe that I can wear with several outfits. So, if I would buy anything in green, it would be jewelry.

Megan C said...

I'm a clear, and I LOVE that Burberry lace trench coat!!

Suzigirl said...

Love, love, LOVE that you're a Packers fan! I grew up in Green Bay so it was practically a requirement to be a Cheesehead :)
Green is one of my fave colors but I have very little of it in my wardrobe. Guess it's time to ramp it up!

Jennifer Greenwood said...

I love green. My style trademark is to wear at least a little green every day. Sometimes it's just nail polish and earrings.

This year I added a bit of blue to my wardrobe, and it's been fun to mix green and blue, especially sapphire and emerald.