Monday, October 1, 2007

A Family Affair

Hi all, It has been too long since my last post so I'm gonna promise not to wait too long before the next one! Just to catch you up on things that are going on around here I'll give you a little update. This is a BUSY speaking season for thrilled God has enabled me to do this thing called ministry all the while using my gifts and passion for the fashion industry. It is so much fun! Along with the ministry speaking I still have time to work with individuals and small groups of women for personal shopping time. This weekend I did a workshop for my friend Heather and her family. Her mom, Carolyn turned 70 last week so Heather thought it'd be fun to have me there to do an image workshop for her mom, 2 sisters and sister-in-law. We had a great time. It's always fun watching the dynamics of a family play out. All of them were beautiful women...inside and out. About an hour into the session, I stopped them and told them to do an exercise. I had each one go around the room and tell the others what they thought was beautiful about her. Each one had to tell each other...if that makes sense. It was a very precious time and tears flowed. Heather, the youngest is a drop-dead, 6 foot tall, blonde super model-type and told her oldest sister, Patti, that she always thought she was sooooo beautiful. Patti cried because she had never been told that before.(Patti should be the model for the Dove comercial for amazing skin.) Patti told Heather the thing she liked best about her was her mouth, because nothing bad ever came out of it. Wow. The girls told their mother she was always so beautiful and they were so proud of her for her weight loss as now she had almost dropped 40 pounds and would be healthier. (I'll be looking for Carolyn on one of those Weight Watcher commercials cause they always pick pretty ones for that... you go, Carolyn!) One told the sister-in-law Christy that she was just HOT all the way around, (and she was beautiful on the inside, too) and Karan (a natural, Ralph Lauren model type) was told she looked very young for her age. All in all, the compliments flowed (along with tears) and everyone felt good about themselves. Girlfriends, give the women in your life a compliment today. Whether it is your mom, your daughter, your sister, the cashier at the grocery store, your child's teacher...whoever it is....tell her she's beautiful. Compliment her on her smile, her hair, her her to feel good about the way she looks. I realized that if Patti never remembers being told she was beautiful then we just aren't speaking it enough. My mother always told me, "stand up straight, you're beautiful, Shari".....over and over again. So I did...and I thought I was.....because she told me. Your daughters will become who YOU say they are. What are you telling your daughters today? love ya, Shari

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Lauren at Faith Fuel! said...

Yes, let's tell our daughters what GOD sees in them- and they will never walk with their eyes cast down!