Monday, October 8, 2007

Small Groups!

Are you in a Small Group? Some churches call them "Life" groups, but whatever you call them, they are so much bigger than "small" and they definetly are critical to "life". Dave and I hadn't been part of a small group for several years...actually, closer to 5 or 6 years. Partly because on Sunday afternoons, we just wanted to have some family time watching football or time to take an afternoon nap. But the message was out at church that everyone should join a small group if they weren't in one so we took the plunge. We just went to our second one last night of a six week stint (you know, just try it out, they said at church!) and let me tell you that I am soooo glad we did. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard or had so much fun with people in a very long time. There are 6 couples in our group and we are doing a study by John Ortberg called Building Community. The study is good but I have to tell you the reason we will keep going back is because I could do LIFE with these people. They are awesome! Heather told us that she broke most of the blood vessels in her eyes at the first meeting from laughing so hard...(she wasn't kiddding.) Her husband, Tim was laughing so hard he was crying. One couple probably wondered what they had signed up for cause they didn't know most of us but they came back with the best dessert ever and said no way were they gonna miss this. The food is amazing, the study is good, but honestly, these people are really cool. The purpose of a small group is to have folks to lean on in times of good and bad. As our churches grow bigger, we need to grow "smaller" so that's the reason for our small groups, so we don't get lost. Big churches have the capacity to do so much that I wouldn't trade it but I am hooked on this small group of mine. I am going to encourage any of you who are not in one....go sign up! Find a group of friends and commit to just 6 weeks...and see what happens! Tell me about yours...what's yours like? Big Blessings this week! Shari

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