Monday, October 29, 2007

I have to tell you, I thought blogging would be easier than it is. My friend Marybeth is so good at this. I remember one week she blogged 16 times...okay, maybe it was in a two week time period but it seemed like a week. It has been 3 weeks since my last blog and I'm still unsure what to write. I guess because I speak and write about fashion I think that's all I'm supposed to blog about but Marybeth said I don't need to. I can write about what's going on in my life. Therefore, if no one reads it, I still have a journal of the goings-on in my world. I like that! So, I think I'll do just that. But, I also think I'll just journal on Mondays. That way if anyone really does read this blog then they'll know only to look for a new post once a week...I can do that...I really can.So, here goes. My first Monday post. I must tell you how excited I am about my call to the doctor's office today. Luke is having trouble with his foot...actually, it's his left heel. He can barely run a lap without coming to tears. He is 12 years old and is 6'1" already with a size 15 shoe. That's tall and big. He is projected to be somewhere around the 6'7" range so basketball is in his future...and his present. At least that's what we thought until this whole foot thing. I took him to the doctor after he had to leave his soccer game 2 weeks ago in pain and they took x-rays. It appears he has something going on with his growth plates. We will see an orthopedic this week. In the meantime, if there is any chance at all he will play basketball this year, he has to have a sports physical. Tomorrow. Tryouts are next Monday and he and Dave are going to Miami with me this week so they can have fun in the sun while I speak at a women's conference. However, I found out my new insurance doesn't cover sports physicals until you've had the policy for at least one year. $205 must be paid at the appointment. Let me tell you why I'm so excited. The doctor's office informed me if since I just need a sports physical, I can go to Presbyterian Urgent Care at any of their 3 offices (we're going to the University one) and get a sports physical for only $30. I am jumping for joy! I felt so blessed that she told me that...she blessed me. I hope this little bit of info blesses you or someone you may know that might need that for their child. Yes, we'll have to wait a little for the appointment, but we'd have to wait in the waiting room anyway even if we did so at the doctor's office. So, that's what I'm excited about today! And lift up a prayer on behalf of my tall son...he REALLY wants to play basketball this year....But God may have other plans for him. love you, Shari


Valarie said...

I can't imagine where his "tallness" comes from?! haha

Glad to see your blogging and YES I am checking!!

I'll be praying for your family and for your conference. I know you'll be "suffering" down in Miami! haha Have a great time!

Van said...

To Luke - So glad your mom found out about the urgent care physicals. I was about to yell to you all the way from the Ozark mountains... gooooo tooooo urrrgeeeeent caaaaaaaaaaare
We are pulling for you - that's what you get for growing up so fast. I'm sure it won't keep you out of the pool when we open it!

Judith h said...

I am just started my blog a month ago. It is good to know that you a recognize speaker have the same thoughts we have. And yes some body here is reading. Keep posting.