Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am back from a fabulous 5 days cruising with Premiere Christian Cruiselines on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. I was asked to join them to present my What Not to Wear Workshop and my Modest is Hottest event. Dave got to go along with me and I'm so glad he did as I'm not sure what I'd have done without him...he is such a huge help and has the most servant heart you can imagine. There is so much that happened during the last 5 days but I have to tell you first about what happened on the way back to the airport to head home! Dave and I were the first ones off the ship to go thru customs because we had an early fight out so we were put into a cab to the airport with a group of 7 other people. I hated to admit it but I didn't know who they were but I had a feeling they were performers or speakers on the ship as they were also allowed to get off the ship early with us...okay, I don't know about you, but as I was sitting there, I was thinking to myself, "do I just ask them who they are and look stupid, or not ask and never know?" So, a few miles down the road, I finally turned around and said, "I'm sorry, but I'm sure I should know who you all are but, I just don't." There, I said it. Michael, who turns out to be the manager of the superstar in our cab who I didn't recognize (agh!!) said, "Oh, that's Richie McDonald and I'm his manager, this is my wife and that's Richie's wife, Lorie, and his three kids." I turned around and looked at Richie and said, "I didn't recognize you with your baseball cap on, cause last night when you performed your hair was all sticking up!" Can you believe I said that?! Okay, for those of you Richie fans out there, you are all jealous now, and for those of you who might not recognize the name, he was the famous lead singer of Lonestar and wrote and sang such songs as "My Front Porch Looking In", "Amazed" and "I'm Already There". We all got to the airport in a calm cab ride (much unlike my friend Lysa Terkeurst and Point of Grace which you can read about in Lysa's blog) and Richie even took another cab to Starbucks once we got to the airport to get his family and Dave some coffee cause we all had a few more hours to wait. Richie, Dave and I ended up talking for an hour or more about his reasons for leaving Lonestar and why he is on his own now. I really didn't realize how famous he was until I came home and pulled up his website , then I felt like an idiot! We were talking about his upoming Christmas tour and I even told him that as I was speaking (wherever I'd be) I'd let people know they should go see him....like he needs my help!!!!!!! AGH! Can you even believe I said that???? So, today I get up and turn on my computer only to find an e-mail from him telling me how nice it was to meet Dave and me and to see if we made it home in time for Luke's basketball game AND he sent an attachement of his new title track from his upcoming CD called "When I turn to You" .....do you think he might like a color analysis in return???! I'm gonna e-mail him back and see if I'm allowed to post his song for you to hear...it is AMAZING! I'll let you know what my new friend Richie says!!! (I'm gonna also learn how to post pictures on here this week, so I'll post one of me, Richie and his son.) I just had to tell you that story....I'll tell you on another post or two about the other happenings this past weekend. I'm actually gonna post several times this week cause you just have to know all the cool stuff that happened! In the meantime, leave me a comment regarding something stupid you ever did and afterward you felt like an idiot...make me feel better, please OR if you were ON THE CRUISE, tell me what your highlights were! Hey, and are there any Richie McDonald fans out there? Let me know! Blessings my friends!


The Spa Girls said...

Shari! You rock! You were awesome on the Girls' Getaway Cruise! Even though I now have to go home and give away all of my clothes...I thought...hurray, just in time for Christmas! (J/K) I hope our paths cross again my sweet, sassy, spa sister! Keep on keeping it real... Lisa and Melissa, The Spa Girls... www.thespagirls.net

Sweet Mel said...

Me, my mom and my aunt Bonnie went on the Girl's Get-A-Way cruise and it was an awesome and life-changing experience! We were Lonestar fans and already loved Richie McDonald's incredible talent, songwriting and passion for God, life and family! When he decided to leave Lonestar, we decided to follow him and support him 100% with his solo career. Richie mentioned to us at a Lonestar meet and greet that he was writing some songs with Karen Kingsbury. I had never heard of her even though I have been a Christian my whole life so I went to the library and started reading! Now that is all we do is read, read and read! We found out that Richie was going on the cruise with Karen Kingsbury and various other artists, so we signed up! What an experience! We were touched by so many talented artists and speakers and were so proud to be there for Richie McDonald's solo debut concert! He did an "Amazing" job and is one of the most humble and Godly men you will ever meet! Since Richie did not have an artist shirt yet, my mom had on a Josh Turner shirt that says on the front "Were a Team, Me and God" after the song. She had purchased it at Fan Fair this year. Since my mom did not have anything for Richie to sign in the autograph session (he had signed everything we had with us!) my mom asked Richie to sign the back of her shirt! My mom knew he was writing more than his name on the back. She felt him make a line across the back of the shirt and write alot! Richie would not tell my mom what it said but everyone was laughing around us! I heard my aunt say, you spelled your name wrong! He had left out the L in McDonald! He went back and added it on just laughing! When my mom saw her shirt, she could not believe it! Richie had marked out Josh Turner and wrote Richie McDonald above it! He made my mom a Richie shirt since she was complaining that he did not have any to sell yet! It was a night to remember and everywhere she wears the shirt, everyone laughs! Thanks for writing this blog and we enjoyed your session on the cruise. Hope to see you in 2009 on the Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise! WE plan to go back!

Sweet Mel said...

Me, my mom, and my aunt Bonnie all went on the Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise and it was an awesome experience! We were Lonestar fans and members of their fan club and traveled many miles to see them in over 20 concerts and meet and greets. Richie McDonald is so talented and such a humble, Godly family man and when he decided to depart from Lonestar, we made the decision to follow him in his solo career and sponsor him 100%!
When Richie shared with us that he was writing songs with Karen Kingsbury, we had no idea who she was! We went to the library and have been reading since then! We signed up for the cruise since it would be Richie's solo career debut, and we are so glad we did! We met so many people on the boat and so many talented artists and speakers. Richie did an "AMAZING" job at his concerts and made many new fans!
As far as a funny story on the cruise, we have one! We had many meet and greets with Richie on the boat after the shows and my mom was out of items for Richie to sign. She asked him to sign the back of her Josh Turner shirt. On the front it said, "We're a team, Me and God!" and on the back it said Josh Turner 07. Richie signed the shirt alright, and my mom felt him make a line and write more than his name! She had no idea what he was writing, but everyone around was laughing. Then my aunt Bonnie told Richie, "you spelled your name wrong!". He said "no I didn't!". Aunt Bonnie said "Look, you have an L in your last name"! He started laughing and went back and put an L in McDonald. The joke was then on him! And also on my mom, who had paid $25 for her Josh Turner shirt at Fan Fair this year and loved that shirt! Now we have a great memory from the cruise and everytime my mom wears that shirt, everyone laughs! It was an experience we will never forget!