Friday, August 8, 2008

God Spoke

I'm prompted to write about what God spoke to my heart last night. I was so excited about it that my heart beat really fast for 3o minutes...I'm not kidding. I was laying in bed, listening to my ipod, trying to fall asleep. And then it happened. He spoke. Certainly no one heard it but me, but then that's how He does it, you know.
We had just finished watching
Steven Curtis Chapman's interview on Larry King Live on one channel, and
Rick Warren on another channel about his upcoming interview with McCain and Obama and as I was pondering both of these I began thinking about my event tonight at
Let me set this up. Tonight I kick off the season of Modest is Hottest Fashion Shows and What Not to Wear Conferences. I speak to teens and women of all ages in what most churches call an outreach event. Therefore, I get to share about Christ, but always in an easy, approachable kind of way.
Last night God shared something with me. He told me tonight is going to be different. Tonight He is going to show up like never before.
He told me not to be fearful, (I usually am a little nervous the first of any season cause I've been off for 2 months.
But these past 2 months have been deeper. God has taken me on a self-discovery journey that hasn't been easy. It's been messy. He's brought some things to the surface that I'm not proud of. Thankfully, He brought my sin to the forefront one at a time. (I don't think I could have taken more than that.)
He's good like that.
But I feel more intimately connected to Him than I ever have in my life.
Last night, God told me I'm supposed to share part of my testimony with these teens tonight. Not all of it, but some. The hard part? He told me to not worry about what those parts would be, but that HE would reveal it on stage as I spoke.
Scary? Maybe. But you know, I'm really not afraid. When I woke this morning, I came downstairs and opened my devotional "God Calling". It simply said this:
"Rely on Me alone. Ask no other help. Pay(it really said pay) all out in the Spirit of trust that more will come to meet your supply. Empty your vessels quickly to ensure a Divine Supply."
So I shall.
I am emptied. Waiting on the Lord to meet my supply.
A Divine Supply.
If you're near to Monroe, come on out. See what God is up to.
Have a Beautiful Weekend,


Erin said...


Bridget said...

Hi Shari,
Welcome back and I love the new look! God is so sweet to speak so clearly to us. I'll be praying for you tonight and for the hearts of those listening to hear God too!
It's gonna be good girl!

Alyce said...

I know you will do great tonight..and I've lifted this event up in prayer.

April said...

been prying for you my dear sweet sister!

Irritable Mother said...

I love God Calling.
And I love when He speaks!
Have a blast being His instrument of grace and peace tonight!

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Wow Shari,
I so needed this word today. That quote from "God Calling" Encourage me greatly. We just finished the Daniel fast for 10 days and we are believing God to pour out His provision. With me desiring to take a leave from flying the enemy is coninuously putting doubts in our heads on our ability to survive financially. We can't rely on our heads but need to rely on our hearts and the calling and promises God has spoken to it. Thanks so much! Praying for you as you step into this new season.
Much Love
Paula G. <><

natalie said...

Shari, I found your blog! hahaha! Thank you for lastnight, your show was wonderful. Mom and I each wore our shirts today (we were not together) and we were each approached. One lady said her daughter came lastnight and they are now going to visit our church! Thank you! God is working! I will get you the dvd as soon as I get one. In His service, Natalie Ogden

LeAnn said...

I am blown away each time I pick up "God Calling." No matter what I am going through, it seems as if God is speaking only to me through this very old but always timely little book.

Love You Friend!

Bobbie Jo Caldwell said...

I know exactly what you mean about going deeper this summer Shari. The Lord was working on quite a few of us from what I'm hearing. It only means we are closer than ever to what He has for us because we are ready for His outpouring. We are being refined in the FIRE. God Calling has been the most amazing book (next to the Bible)in my life the last 3 years. It ALWAYS is right on time wiht the Word and encouragement we need to hear. Have a fabulously blessed week,
Bobbie Jo
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