Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to Wear: A Denim Jacket and a Story from YOU

First off, Congratulations to Lindsey Feldpausch for commenting last week! You won the necklace, Lindsey! Email me your mailing address.
Let me answer a few questions from last week's blog:

  • On-line Color Analysis MUST be up by June 15th as per my publisher! So it will be!

  • Melinda asked about a nailpolish for a Cool Glamour Girl..something other than pink or berry...try a metallic's really hot right now...and metallic is and the silver or a platinum will look great on you. Sephora has one called Queen of Everything and it's fab.

  • Rachel, capris should always hit at the diamonds in your legs....those are the spaces where your legs don't touch. If you go back a few posts I explained it in detail there.

  • Ah, Shelly, yeah, probably not a good idea to go up to anyone with words on their butt!
Okay, off to some fashion advice for the week.
Jean Jackets! (Thanks Lorrie!)
Every single one of you needs to own a jean jacket. It should be a staple item in your wardrobe because it goes with sooooo many things. Wear it over almost anything and with almost anything. The typical rule in fashion is to never wear blue denim with blue denim so it's not your best look to wear the same blues together (although for some reason this season it's in for some designers and they're showing blues worn together) but for the most part wear your blue denim jacket with anything else. Wear it over and with the following:
  • Any Cute Summer Dress
  • With a skirt and tank and flip flops or wedges
  • With any color dress pant
  • With any jean that's not the same color as the denim jacket
  • With Cargo Pants
  • With Walk Shorts
  • Over your bathing suit top with sarong
  • Over sundress
  • With white pants
  • With linen pants
Do you get the picture?
 Wear your denim jacket with EVERYTHING!
I'd also advise you to have a denim jacket in a color OTHER than blue also.
Mine is chocolate, metallicy brown. Yours could be pink. Or white. Or beige. Or red.
Any of these colors (or any other) can then be worn with your blue denim duds.
There really is no wrong or right way to wear a denim jacket because it's always in style. The picture above is of Levi's Red Tab "Trucker" jacket and is made of cotton-spandex. It runs about $68. The Trucker jacket comes in all sizes from small to plus size.
They key to always looking polished and put together is the accessories. So don't forget to add a pair of big sunglasses and some bold bangles. Slip on a big ring and cute sandals. Add your fave dress, skirt or bottom of any kind and you've got a look that will take you almost anywhere.  Here are some pictures to give you some fashion inspiration.


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Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
Love, Shari


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shari, I'm forwarding this to the friend who asked me about jean jackets :) I own several in different colors and just love them. As always, good information. Lorri

Pajama Mama said...

Thanks for clearing this up. So you CAN wear a denim jacket jeans as long as the colors are the same blue..right???


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharri,

I wear my jean jacket ar least once a week. It definitely is a staple in my wardrobe. We often laugh at my school when three or four of the teachers all wear jean jackets the same day. Not planned of course!

I have a question about glasses. should you match your hair color, go with a funky fun color? I don't know, are there rules for glasses as well as clothes?

Rebecca Ann

Mariah said...

What about fit? I have a denim jacket, I wish I could post a pic of me in it and ask you about the fit? It's kind of a tight fitting jacket. but it doesn't taper in at the waist, just hangs straight. I heard once, if you can't comfortably button it, then you shouldn't wear it open either, it's too small...what do you think Sharri? How should a denim jacket fit?

Melinda said...

Thanks Shari for the info on the nailpolish! I just had them done, pink again which I absolutely love, but I can't wait to check out that new color you mentioned. Can't wait to get a denim jacket either...thanks for clearing up the blue on blue rule.

Melinda said...

thanks Shari!