Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Wear: SHORTS

I'm sitting in a comfy room in Nashville just finished recording for the day. No, I'm not a musician...gracious, I've never been one, but I DID play the required flutophone in 7th grade. They give this little instrument to see if they can convince you that you might have some skill. Well, ah, none. Sooo, I had to continue my fashion interests.
I'm acutally here recording the audio book for my new book
Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad.
I've had many blunders and because the microphones are so sensitive they hear every little noise that your body makes. Including your stomach. Well, MY stomach. It's pretty bad when the recording guy comes into the studio and says ever so sweetly, "Can I get you some gas-x?" Oh dear. "But, sir, it's just my stomach" I say as he turns around, disappears and brings back two capsules. Well, you'd think it's embarrassing enough to have that happen once, but then I had to eat a little lunch didn't I? And guess what happened. He had to offer the gas-x again. And this time he gave me 3 capsules. Sheesh, studio people.
Nothing like getting personal, yes?!
So here I sit, with my stomach STILL making noises and we're done for the day. I've read 3 chapters and I think we were supposed to get thru half the book. I don't think I'm a very good student. Once he stopped the recording because he said a jet was flying over and then he looked at me and I just smiled and thought maybe my stomach had gotten away with it but then he saw right thru me. It could have been a jet, we're near the airport.
Okay, onto less noisy subjects. This week I want to discuss SHORTS with you.
It's getting warm and many of you are tempted to pull your shorts out and wear them but before you do I want to give you some fashion rules...and not the fashion rules of society, but the fashion rules for a modest, yet stylish YOU.
So, here ya go, Guidelines for Shorts:

  • When you put your arms down to your sides and hold your fingertips flat and straight, the length of your shorts should never be shorter than where the bottom of your fingertips hit. Now, here me on this. If you have short arms then you need to consider the length might be too short for you. But when your fingertips are STRETCHED out, then usually this works. (Please don't email me if you don't agree....oh go ahead cause I know some of you will. Smile.) I just don't want you wearing shorty-shorts and I think you need to be responsible for your length....but you are grown women and I hope you understand I want what's appropriate for you. Sometimes we have to use our better judgement.

  • Your shorts should fall at the center of a "diamond". Go back a few posts to here to read about diamonds and hem lengths if you didn't catch it the first time...or if you're new to this blog.

  • Please, Please, Please don't wear shorts with words written on your bottom. Did I say PLEASE? 

  • Walk Shorts are the most flattering length on the majority of women. Walk Shorts come right above the knee and look great with a little wedge heel or flats of any kind. You can dress them up even more by wearing a pretty silk blouse and higher heels with them.

  • Did you know the term "Athletic Shorts" mean just that? In other words, they aren't meant to be worn for anything other than athletics...that you are PERSONALLY engaged in. Not the athletics that your child is participating in. Meaning, like when you're on the sidelines. Ahem.

  • Linen Shorts are probably the dressiest and prettiest. I like them and so should you. You can go just about anywhere in them.

  • Most tops go with most shorts but if you're wearing a T-shirt, then make it a solid color or pretty print. Not one with words and a crew neck. Step it up a bit.

  • Accessories always add flavor and zest. Even with shorts.

  • And please, please, if all else fails, go back and at least follow my first rule. Cause girls, we gotta be the role models that God wants us to be for the younger generation. No short shorts please. Please.
I'd love for you to comment today about your favorite style of shorts, and what your favorite rule is from above. I've got a great necklace for a winner!!!!!

P.S. If you're planning on sending your daughter to the Modest is Hottest Fashion Camp, then make sure you register her soon. We only have 25 spots for each age group and the advertising is going out to all the schools and youth groups on Monday. Here's the link.
If you desire to pay in payments, just let us know and that can be arranged!

Love ya, Shari


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and appreciate all your good advise. Walking shorts were my favorite when i did wear shorts. Now, at an older age and v.veins i only wear long capris during the summer.And i always add jewelry to all outfits! Thanks again for your wonderful advise and the chance to win.
God Bless your day.

Anonymous said...

I love your rule on how long shorts should be. I've always said just above the knee but people take that as any place above the knee :) A suggestion for a future blog is how to wear a jean jacket and that a jean jacket isn't just denim but more a style. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I enjoy logging on Wed mornings to see what is new.

vanessa said...

Hey, Shari!
My favorite rule would have to be the accessories thing! :-) I love jewelry! And my favorite style of shorts would be right above the knee walker shorts! Love them! Thanks for doing everything for us! You rock! And thank you for offering the giveaway! :-)

Lindsey Feldpausch said...

Totally agree on the walking shorts. I have a white pair that seem to go with everything. Heels seem to really make them look professional. Shari, thanks for commenting on my blog post last month on Karen Ehman's blog. I am signed up for your workshop at She Speaks!! It will be eye-opening to say the least. It took me three years to get rid of cartoon tank tops. I mean, cartoon shirts? Come on Lindsey...those must break every fashion law ever established. Since discovering your site and my DCC, I am working on actually putting your expertise into practice. Somehow, that soft pink polo still calls my name. Hmmm, at least I could pair it with some fab white walking shorts and heels!

Jolene said...

Great advice as always Shari! Love the tip about length of shorts - I have been wearing mine longer and love it! My daughter knows the fingertip rule as well. Always look forward to your blog updates. I am longing to shop with my color swatches!

Anonymous said...

Walk Shorts indeed are the most flattering! I think anything that hits just above the knee is very flattering for most women. It's the perfect length for me, because I am petite and also have longer thighs than calves :)
I like Lorri's suggestion about discussing jean jackets in the future. Great idea! It's definitely a style issue.
Love your blog!

Kelly Combs said...

My favorite rule is the no words on the butt. I'm shocked at the number of teen girls whose parents let them wear these shorts. Are you just asking for men/boys to look at your girls bottom? NO!

I like the walk shorts.

Sara said...

Thank you for this post! I totally agree. I love walking shorts. My favorite rule is to not wear shorts with words across the back.

Michelle said...

I've been so stunned to see how many moms come to the events with words on the backside, bending over and seeing more than, and after children, it's not pretty. Even my daughters have made comments on such sights. Got to have cover! Walking shorts, the best, and easy to match with many styles.

Elin said...

I like Walking shorts the best, because there cute. And no words on the backside is definitely something to keep in mind. Love reading your blog!!!

Shelly said...

Ummm... Hello... Words across the behind...

That's my favorite rule from your post, Shari!

From the get-go, any article of clothing with words across the butt makes me cringe. I just don't understand what is so cool and fashionable about this "fashion statement!"

I often want to walk up to every person with words on the butt, whip out my Bible and read from 1 Cor. 6:19-20...

"I gotta Word for ya, sister! Do you not know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit of God? Now, go change those bottoms!"

Do you think that would be rude, Shari?

Thanks for all your tips on looking great! I really enjoy reading your blog and hope to meet you one day. I am trying to get to She Speaks this year for the 1st time... currently trying to raise scholarship $... and I just hope you'll be there sharing some great wardrobe advice!?!?!


Mariah said...

I don't have the best of legs, but I wear shorts about at my finger tips that are wide legged and loose around the bottom, but fit nice on mid waist, with a tie,ribbon belt and a tucked in tank top with wedge sandals. I'm 24 and a mother of 3. I like to dress young and hip, but pleasing to my Lord. I would say, no tight shorts, even if they are at figer tip length, the looser kind, cuffed are totaly in right now anyway! *like the finger tip rule*!

Jennifer Renee said...

Shari, I loved this post. Two weeks ago my sister took me shopping for a few pairs of shorts because I didn't own any. I usually wore dresses and I had been working for the past nine summers and didn't have time for anything else. I was also trying to find some casual dresses as well but no luck on that. Anyway, when we went to the first store all we could find were what she called low riders. You know those shorts and pants that don't come up to your waist but show your underwear. You talked about the length being too high but let's talk about the top of them being too low. We then decided to go to Sears and we found exactly what I was looking for. I don't know what they are made of but I do know it isn't cotton. They come up to my waist and come down to three inches above my knee. They have a tie in the front so they most likely aren't dressy but that's alright because like I said I usually wear dresses. I ended up getting three pairs of shorts along with three tops and I may as well as say I also found two pairs of light weight pants that come down to the middle of my calf along with a very comfortable pair of sandles.

Jenny said...

I like the walking shorts. Shorts are so hard to shop for! I am only 31 and feel like Maw Maw in the long shorts and a teenager in the others. I can't seem to find a happy medium. I guess I will have to try on a pair of walking shorts. :)

Sara K said...

Thanks for your humor when it comes to style! I totally agree about walking shorts being the best fit for everyone. I have some in white, dark denim, light denim, black cotton, green cotton with big pockets like army shorts (so cute).. I think that's it. Love it when warmer weather hits so I can put them on. I think my hubby gets bored with them though. Ooooo.. I just noticed I need to get some khaki shorts. :)
And I'll start wearing the jewelry I keep tucked away - thanks for the advice.

Erin said...

Love it! There are so many fabulous and modest shorts out there, and my store have great ones- Talbots.

I love the rule about athletic shorts! Great point! Does yard work count as an appropriate time to wear them? :)

redheadkate said...

It is so easy for me to pick out shorts...because I don't wear them! Shorts only tend to emphasize my hips/thighs, so I go more with skirts during the summer.

Michele said...


I love the look of linen but I am always put off by the "wrinkle factor". Other than never sitting down, how do you keep them from looking like you slept in them?

I, too , have a pet peeve about pants/shorts with words written on the behind. Come on. If you have an attractive behind you do not need a gimmick to get someone to look at it.
I so enjoy the blog and thank you for the fashion tips!


Sherry said...

The finger tip length is a great rule. That length plus a smidge is my best length, but I definitley go longer for most occasions away from home. The reminder to add accessories is great! It really helps you to feel a little more dressed up, in this warmer weather.

Rachel B said...

Good tips! I agree, no words on the bottom. ;)

Favorite rule was the fingerips to determine length of shorts. Just a bit longer is better for me since I have loooong legs.

Do you really think walk shorts are good for everyone? I have a small waist, but am wider through the hips/bottom. I feel like they make me look "frumpy." :) Maybe it's just because I'm use to shorter shorts...not sure.

I also really like capris. Could you share some tips on capris sometime?

Tara said...

I like the walk shorts. I also like the reminder to not wear t-shirts with words on them (sigh - I needed that reminder).

Melanie Stepp Coughlin said...

I love everything you have to say, but I (forgive me for saying this) abhor walking shorts. They're great. Just not on me. And walking shorts seem to be all anyone is selling this year. I'll stick with breezy summer dresses ... just as I do every year. :-)

Melinda said...

My shorts pass the finger tip rule! I do need to try a pair of linens though. I totallly agree with accessories!!! Even when I'm out on the boat for the day fishing I am still styling, fish slim and all!! I have a question unrelated to shorts....nail polish color! I am a 50 yr old cool glamour girl...I love color on my nails. I always go with a pretty pink or berry, but is there another color I can "get away with" and still look "appropriate"? Like a blue?

Melinda said...

one more thing....when is the on-line color analysis going to be up and running.....?

imoomie said...

Too funny, not the shorts part the Gas-X part, ha-ha. Thanks for sharing, it was almost as fun as being right there in the studio with you!

Kelly said...

I like the longer shorts too that end at your fingertips...I am tall, 5'10" and pear-shaped though, and sometimes I don't think shorts as a rule look that great on me! I do tend to wear casual summer skirts (knee length or a little below) more often when it's really hot. I do love dressing up casual summer outfits with cute costume jewelry!